Battle Field FC: Sports Career On the Blockchain

Battle Field FC: Sports Career On the Blockchain


The sports industry is an integral part of the life of many ordinary people. It brings together under its wing professional athletes, fans, large promotional companies. Holding sports events allows you to get a good income. But the share of professional athletes accounts for only a small part of the profits. Fans play the role of simple observers.

The MMA industry is no exception to the rule. The use of blockchain technology can solve most of the problems arising from the organization of sports events. This is especially true of online betting. Today it is organized relatively simply: like a regular online casino.

Launched in 2017, the Battle Field FC project from South Korea will solve most of the difficulties. The creators gathered with his help to solve the most serious problems present in this industry. It is hoped that this project is ambitious, but the technically feasible project.

What is the meaning of Battle Field FC?

The project allows solving the main task: to fairly distribute profits among all athletes, to stimulate their careers. At the same time, all fans will get access to quality content using the blockchain ecosystem. It performs the main task: it allows you to record and control revenues from the broadcast, the sale of offline tickets, advertising campaigns, streaming. This will raise the income of fighters to a new level. Every drop of blood and sweat will be paid in fairness.

Additionally, the platform will allow ranking the performances of athletes, taking into account the vote of the audience – for a particular match. That will reflect the real interest in certain content.

It is important to understand that the world of sport is not only business, as usual, receiving income from holding competitions. But also popularization of an active vital position. Therefore, in addition, there is the opportunity to receive income advertising of healthy foods, dietary supplements allowing intensive training. Sportswear, accessories are promoted by this technology. Also, income can be obtained from entertainment content.

The main difference from the usual services serving the MMA industry: this platform will bring the interaction of athletes, fans to a new level. Sports business will become more modern, advanced.

Many well-known talented world-famous athletes have already joined the Battle Field FC system. Including middleweight champion ONE Championship Igor Sibirid. The first lightweight champion in the Star Light Force version, Sarah Kaufman, also became a participant in this program.

Project Justification from a Business Perspective

For 2019, the capitalization of the MMA market in aggregate amounts to more than 12.8 million US dollars. At the same time, the online broadcast of matches beats all records in the number of views – in comparison with other sports. Tickets are sold on short notice. It is worth noting the global course on the development of the legal industry of sports betting. Expect increasing demand.

At the same time, the industry has many problems. First of all – the irresponsibility and the real fraud of certain representatives of this world. Many people working in this direction have long lost a sense of reality in the virtual space. That is why online betting is required to be regulated. Otherwise, this branch of business will gradually turn into the most common online casino, whose owners will speculate on the unbridled fervor of ordinary players.

Ordinary athletes also face a wide range of problems. First of all – with a monopoly on the part of large organizations that have long been entrenched in the MMA market. The latter are constantly lobbying for personal interests, promoting their own athletes, who have already spent a lot of money. This whole situation in aggregate does not allow talented young fighters to advance. This leads to the need to work in a lower price segment or care in another field of activity. Usually, an athlete’s career in MMA does not last more than 5-10 years. Therefore, you should take care of your well-being in advance.

Another important point – the majority of athletes who managed to achieve serious professional growth, concluded at the dawn of his career long-term contracts with major promotions. Therefore, it is simply not possible to terminate cooperation ahead of time without serious financial losses. Professional athletes actually sell themselves to monopolists. This leads to serious financial losses in the case of a thoughtless conclusion of a contract.

That is why the MMA industry requires a completely new approach. Transparency, immutability blockchain will cope with most of the above problems. Because the new platform called Battle Field FC is the next step in the evolution of the sports entertainment industry.

How does the system work?

The main advantage of Battle Field FC – the work is implemented on the private blockchain POA Network. The principle of its work corresponds to Ethereum. At the same time, there are lower transactions, speed and better scalability. Proof of Authority Consensus is the best choice for writing a decentralized application. It becomes the basis for user interaction with the Battle Field FC platform.

BFC coins and BFT tokens are used as the main currency. They are built according to POA 20 standards. An equally significant part of the project is Battle Field`s Dapp. It is a decentralized application. With it, any user can easily organize an online broadcast of the match. In the future, developers will be encouraged to create additional applications to promote the system Battle Field FC.

User activity will be supported by BFT tokens. They allow you to bet on the outcome of the broadcast. For this you need to use the application. Blockchain will make this process as transparent and fair as possible. All, without exception, the profits are evenly distributed between the platform, fans, athletes. This scheme allows you to provide a stable source of income and help athletes declare themselves to the whole world. It also greatly simplifies the process of building a new career in the world of MMA.

BFC coins are easily converted to fiat and back as needed. It is important to remember: BFT tokens are built on the principle of stablock. It has a fixed cost in BFC. To withdraw funds to Fiat you need to exchange BFT for BFC. The cost of BFC on exchanges is constantly changing. It determines the value of the reward for all users.

The maximum number of tokens is limited – just 500,000,000 (BFT) and 10,000,000,000 (BFC). Detailed information is provided in the White Paper project. The developers plan to complete work on the Battle Field platform in the third quarter of 2019. A decentralized application is being prepared for launch.


Evaluate the viability of the project will be possible only at the end of 2019, after launch. It is easy to follow the development – it is possible to do this online, round the clock on the official website and telegram channel.