4 Emerging and Trendy IT and Tech Careers in 2019


Technology is no doubt highly dynamic and as some technologies falter, new ones emerge. Over the years, new trends have emerged but the bottom line; there are always some emerging and trendy IT and Tech careers that cannot be wished away easily. However, there are some select careers that are set to dominate the market in 2019 and beyond.

Some IT and Tech aspect are becoming extinct and are being replaced by modern ones that the consumer demands. Here are 6 emerging and trendy information Technology careers that you should watch in 2019 and beyond.

1. Blockchain Technology

The idea behind blockchain is a noble one; it seeks to offer the user real-life use cases in various industries. It spans from the financial sector, healthcare, logistics and entertainment among others. However, the entire industry appears complex until you dig down to the professionals behind individual projects.

The demand for smart contracts specialists, security experts and developers is on the rise. With more state of the art projects hitting the market every other day, this is a lucrative career area to watch in the next five years.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency are trending at the moment and a quick look at the current infrastructure developments and the problems each ecosystem is trying to solve, the demand is not easing off anytime soon. According to Factom CEO, Peter Kirby

“It begins with understanding how decentralized architecture works and the intersection of software architect and cryptography expert.”

2. Geographical Information System

Simply put, GIS is software that analyzes and presents data whilst creating maps of project locations while at the same time visualizing findings and the end results. This is the most sought after skill set in the market today by development focused organizations.

According to Chief Geographer and director of USAID Geo Center, Carries Stokes;

“There are multiple ways to learn about GIS (Geographical Information Systems), if you are currently studying at university, “run — do not walk — run to your geography department.”

Getting started with GIS is very easy and to remain marketable in the field, you need to combine the discipline with basic human geography. This will help you understand the relationship between the environment and the local population.

You can study GIS from select universities or online depending on your convenience. There are some community sponsored colleges that offer the course for free and this will go a long way in mounding your career in the niche.

3. The Big Data Scientists

Big data is a combination of various subjects and it boils down to having analytical and statistical skills among other requirements. However, a degree from a university of repute majoring in computer science, mathematics, economics, bioinformatics or electrical engineering is a must have qualifications.

However, Paula Hidalgo-Sanchis, a manager at Pulse Lab Kampala argues that the best place to master the big data skills is on the job. She goes on to advice big data enthusiasts learners that;

“Learning about these things, it’s not like you do a course and you’re done. It really takes time, it’s really different stuff. This topic is complicated, so it takes longer to get the knowledge and the expertise.”

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is another trending discipline that is poised to dominate the headlines in 2019 and the future. AI and machine learning are emerging technologies and once harnessed positively have a huge potential. The current AI scientists, according to Aubra Anthony, the USAID’s Global Development Lab and Center of Digital development

“…there’s plenty more to learn and explore around its potential and uses, strategy and research lead at the Center for Digital Development of USAID’s Global Development Lab. We don’t need a hoard of data scientists,” he goes on to add, “development practitioners who then become AI experts would be a great nexus of skill sets.”

If you are aspiring to become an AI expert, you need to be thorough data science. More data scientists are focusing on AI and machine learning which in turn simplifies operations in a wide range of industries.

In whichever field you ply your trade in, IT and Tech is a must have the quality to have to face the challenges technological advancement presents in 2019 and beyond. Higher learning institutions are warming up for these new technologies and you should be ready to be part of the revolution.