Who is Olga Feldmeier aka The Cryptoqueen?

by Senad Karaahmetovic

Switzerland is widely known as the land of the Alpes, watches, and chocolate. As Zug, a small town outside Zurich continues to host crypto companies and startups, Switzerland may as well soon become the land of crypto. While that may take time, Zug and Switzerland are already hosting a star.

Olga Feldmeier is the CEO of Smart Valor, a blockchain startup developing the VALOR Platform. The platform is the first global marketplace for tokenized alternative investments.

According to Olga, the aim of Smart Valor is to “to give access to digital assets to people around the world in an easy, secure and compliant way”.

In September 2018, it was announced that VALOR has been appointed as Financial Intermediary by a Self-Regulatory Organisation (SRO) in Switzerland. The public launch of the VALOR platform is scheduled for the final quarter of 2018.

Along with Olivier Feldmeier, Thomas Felber and Julien Bringer – cryptography and security expert, Olga founded Smart Valor. Prior to that, she was the Managing Partner at Xapo, a Hong Kong-based bitcoin wallet.

Although known as the “Bitcoin queen” or “Cryptoqueen”, Olga started her career in the banking industry. Previously, she was the Executive Director of the Wealth Management Division of UBS, a financial banking giant, as well as the Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Barclays Capital.

While working for the UBS and Barclays, Olga gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience into how financial and banking giants operate. In 2015 she left the banking industry and joined Xapo where she had her first contact with the blockchain technology. Although she finds herself on the intersection of banking and blockchain technology, she knows where the future lies.

“I believe that blockchain technology has arrived to shift the balance of power between the people and the state”, said Olga in an interview with Forbes. “This post-national currency, money not issued by any state but governed by math, is a very powerful invention and will have a long-term disciplining effect on rogue governments and give banking to millions of unbanked people” she continues.

Olga is also the producer of the ICO Summit, the first global conference focusing on blockchain crowdfunding in Switzerland. Her role in organizing the Summit, as well as current and previous roles at Smart Valor and Xapo, make her one of the founders of the Crypto Valley in Switzerland.

There is no doubt that both Smart Valor, led by Olga Feldmeier, and Switzerland will continue to revolutionize the world with the blockchain technology at the helm.

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