Ver: “Technology Is Outpacing Law, Privacy For Freedom ”


Roger Ver, part–investor, part funder but mostly bitcoin entrepreneur, is in the midst of social media turfs on the theme of Bitcoin Cash Versus Lightning Network, reiterating that “If you can’t have privacy, you can’t have freedom.”

The multi-coin backing expert commenting on a public post comparing Cash over light-weight Lightning Network says, “Bitcoin Cash vs Lightning Network. Consider the actual usability rather than the name calling.”

Privacy For Freedom

The celebrity cryptologist views the current phase of development of the cryptocurrency industry in the light of regulations and technology advances. Since regulations as of the current practices are limited and focused on fiat-currencies, digital assets and alternate currencies are yet to receive such guidelines and framework where they can be used without interference from third-parties regulators.

However, there is a bigger question he poses.

In pursuit of freedom, the avenues of blockchain, decentralized technology were built and are continuously evolving. In order to achieve such freedom, one of the fundamental tenets is privacy. To achieve privacy bitcoin cash is the primary option. Others do not vouch for the same.

He asks, “Remember when BTC always had extra space in the blocks so transactions were fast and basically free? If you hate BCH, you probably don’t.”

Lightning Network-based Wallet of Satoshi is the latest to take on the entrenched worthiness of Bitcoin Cash. As the reviewer of the wallet on, which Ver tweeted says, onboarding is a mere 20 minutes due to automated feature and is far lesser compared to the nearly 60 minutes it took for the closet wallet in comparison, the Éclair.

The Wallet was tested by the reviewer for the beta version towards the end of 2018. The evaluation of Wallet of Satoshi versus Bitcoin Cash was conducted on few metrics – Onboarding, reliability, and spending.

Lately, the Lightning Network has been in the limelight for all of the good reasons, including its greatest scaling of technology.

As presenter says, “The Lightning Network has been a subject of great controversy in the Bitcoin space, particularly in the lead-up to the Bitcoin Cash chain split in 2017. Promoted as the cheap and fast Bitcoin (BTC) payments solution, many early Bitcoin adopters have shared their doubts about the technology.”

Hence, the comparisons shall continue as each new generation of decentralized technology will offer something which is more than what Bitcoin Cash, even after the split can offer. This is whether Ver agrees or disagrees on the matters of privacy and freedom.