Top 5 Cryptocurrency Influencers


Social media influencers are not a new phenomenon. From Youtube channels to Instagram moguls, the right influencer can have a stratospheric effect on a brand or products popularity. Cryptocurrencies and their respective image/brands are no exception, with an elite group of influencers influencing and swaying public opinion. We’re going to take a look at the ‘Top Cryptocurrency Influencers’ by social media impact.

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5. CryptoBobby

According to his bio, CryptoBobby is “an average dude with a background in Enterprise tech, who loves talking about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or any of the billion altcoins, I’m here to talk with you about them.”

His Youtube channel has over 140k followers, with videos ranging from investing tips to industry news—he’s featured in Forbes, Fortune, and Newsweek. With such an impressive following, many of CryptoBobby’s regular viewers enjoy his candid, honest approach, and take heed of his digital currency opinions.


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4. Chris Larsen

Chris Larsen was recently announced as the richest person in cryptocurrency according to Forbes. He’s a business executive and is chairman and co-founder of Ripple. Despite a ‘modest’ 20k Twitter followers, Chris’ influence, both socially and in business, can’t be denied. The native digital asset of the Ripple network -XRP- has become the second most valuable cryptocurrency by way of market cap (worth a staggering $19 billion). As co-founder, Larsen has a personal XRP holding of roughly 5 billion, significantly contributing to his net worth. XRP has remained within the top 10 cryptocurrency ranking for the last two years.


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3. John McAfee

A programmer and entrepreneur responsible for founding McAfee Associates (the famous antivirus software and security company). Today, he’s a major influencer with 880k followers on Twitter. His eccentric delivery and infamous bets (such as eating appendages if certain criteria are met) have proven extremely popular. Incredibly McAfee ran for president of the US in 2016, seeking the Libertarian party nomination.

Newspaper headlines embroiling the star in multiple controversies only serves to increase his social reach. Multiple promotions of various cryptocurrencies, most recently including a ‘real Skycoin tattoo’ demonstrate not only his potential influence but also his haphazard approach to influencing.


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2. Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano is an American entrepreneur, investor, and U.S. Army veteran. He is, alongside Jason A. Williams, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Full Tilt Capital; an early-stage venture capital fund. Pompliano also holds the position as Founder and Partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets. With over 173k Twitter followers, a top-spot crypto podcast, dubbed ‘Off The Chain’, and increasing prime time news appearances, Pompliano has ensured his position as an incredibly influential and knowledgeable cryptocurrency spokesperson and commentator.


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1. Roger Ver

No top cryptocurrency influencer list would be complete without mentioning Roger Ver, who not only has over 500k Twitter followers but is also partly responsible for the most recent catastrophic market movements with regards to the Bitcoin Cash hardfork (BCHABC and BCSV). Ver has been pivotal in ramping up the ‘hash war’ rhetoric between the two forks, throwing his weight behind the ABC camp. An early investor in bitcoin-related startups, he has been a prominent supporter of bitcoin adoption and saw bitcoin as a means to promote economic freedom.

With his social media presence, multiple mainstream media appearances, and deep-pocketed business connections, Roger Ver certainly remains one of, if not the top cryptocurrency influencer to date.