Top 3 Movers and Shakers in Blockchain


Last week we covered 5 of the top cryptocurrency influencers. Whilst this list was by no means exhaustive, it covered the influential figures practicing the ‘dark art’ of social media influencing in context of the industry. Today sees us turn to the top ‘movers and shakers’ that work in blockchain. Similar to influencers in terms of there, well, influence, they separate themselves by perhaps a more private-public persona; making deals and ‘buidl’ing’ our decentralized futures. Here’s a list of our top 3.

Ella Qiang

Ella Qiang

The former head of partnerships/ superstar and co-founder of Stellar, Ella Qiang is the very definition of a proliferous crypto business person. Worked tirelessly with Jed McCaleb and David Mazières to achieve what many thought was impossible- forking the Ripple protocol and setting up an entirely re-written, fully-functioning protocol in less than a year. Its native asset XLM is now the 4th most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap and has secured prestigious partnerships with IBM, amongst others.

Now director of Kenetic Capital, a boutique investment firm focusing on the adoption of blockchain technology, Ella Qiang certainly deserves the accolade of top shaker and mover within the industry.

Jesse Lund

Jesse Lund

Former Wells Fargo VP, Jesse Lund jumped ship to join IBM as head of blockchain and digital currencies after being convinced of their future potential. Pivotal in helping to secure not just the Stellar partnership but also contribution and development of the Hyperledger Fabric and launch of World Wire; IBM’s bespoke enterprise cross-border payments service. Not a day goes by without IBM hitting the news with some blockchain related project, with Australia’s government and Abu Dhabi’s national oil company being just two recent examples.

What sets Lund out from other crypto crusaders is his tireless energy to engage forum audiences with countless reddit AMAs. This level of commitment to grassroots support demonstrates that his motives for widespread cryptocurrency adoption aren’t just financially motivated. In short, when Jesse Lund speaks, we (should) all listen.

Amber Baldet

Amber ☘️

We’ve featured Amber Baldet a few times here at Newconomy, and with good reason. In 2016, Baldet headed a JP Morgan team developing Quorum – a much-lauded and anticipated open-source corporate blockchain project based on Ethereum. Quorum led to major industry partnerships with banks in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, building a new interbank payment network on the platform. As if this achievement wasn’t enough, she went on to found Clovyr; a hybrid blockchain network ecosystem providing access to building ‘better networks’.

As both co-founder and CEO, her time is now taken up developing this new distributed, enterprise-driven services layer and hybrid blockchain ecosystem. Featuring as a regular on both mainstream media interviews and hackathons, Baldet’s envious business and crypto achievements, not to mention her drive and ambition, put many in the industry to shame.


So there you have it. Our top 3 blockchain shakers and movers. Make sure to follow us on social media for more great articles and insights, and to join us for the rest of our New Economy Online Conference: 11-13th December.