Satoshi Nakamoto is Paul Solotshi, the TrueCrypt and E4M Encryption Software Creator?

by Albert Kim

The mystery of who the creator of Bitcoin (BTC) continues with new evidence indicating that Paul Solotshi Calder Le Roux, the creator of TrueCrypt and the E4M encryption software. The 49 year old is a seasoned crime mastermind and an astute programmer.

The creator of Bitcoin is believed to have used the TrueCrypt software that was used to lockup Satoshi Nakamoto’s 1million BTC. Paul is also suspected to be the author of a similar whitepaper to that of Bitcoin in 1998.

What’s more; Paul uses a language and spelling styles match that of Satoshi Nakamoto. He also has some gambling interest; a link to the fact that the Bitcoin initial code included a poker client. Since 2012, Solotshi has been behind bars explaining why the 1miilion BTC have not been tampered with.

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The Paul Solotshi and Craig Wright Connection

The Bitcoin creator identity has baffled many and the mystery is yet to be unlocked. No one knows whether it is a group, a he or she. Many have claimed to be the real Satoshi falling shot of proving their connection with the development of BTC.

There have been a couple of theories in the past and the candidature of Craig Wright is the latest. Popularly known as Faketoshi in the social media circles, the imposter has undergone several lawsuits and the latest, Kleiman Vs Wright has led to a Wikipedia page that points to a new Satoshi Nakamoto.

Unusual New Satoshi Nakamoto

The latest Satoshi is associated with crime; he is a former cartel leader, drug and arms smuggler and a US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) informer. Interestingly, he is also a seasoned programmer. According to his Wikipedia page, his past has no dull moment; has been associated with assassinations, real estate deals, money laundering , drug trafficking and interestingly software encryption development.

Sadly, the Wikipedia page adds that:

 “Le Roux is currently in US custody for ordering the assassinations of six people.”

The life story of Le Roux is available on the Atavist and “The Mastermind” book which summarizes his life:

 “He was a brilliant programmer and a vicious cartel boss, who became a prized U.S. government asset.”

However, is prowess in programming should interest any crypto goer; he is suspected to have created an open source Windows disk, an encryption software program; E4M and is also believed to be the one who created TrueCrypt disk based on the E4M code.

Tying Craig Wright and Solotshi who is suspected to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto should be the interesting part and here is the evidence.

Paul Le Roux and the Kleiman v. Wright Lawsuit Link

The Kleiman family is suing the fake Satoshi, Craig Wright accusing him of stealing more than $11billion worth of Bitcoin and hard drive from his late partner, Dave Kleiman.  Kleiman, a forensic expert, was Wrights business partner before passing on in 2013 and many suspect him to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

The Florida law court suit is characterized by lie, forgeries and strange theories from Wright who is the defendant. The intriguing twist in the case is Document 187, the ‘Wright’s Motion for Protective Order’.

Part of the evidence that supports he is the real Satoshi and the real owner of the $11billion worth of BTC is highly sensitive it involves criminals and ties him to their activities. Consequently, Document 187 “has been redacted” so that those included do not learn Wright’s role in their arrests.

Surprisingly, the redacting process made a huge mistake; failure to black out a vital Document 187 footnote that leads to the criminal Wright is scared of, Paul Le Roux:

The URL directs readers to an article on Daily Mail that terms Le Roux:

A “Real-life Bond villain behind a cocaine and gun empire spanning four continents who’s now turned super-snitch”.

The clip shows a visible link that leads to a Wikipedia page associated with Paul Le Roux.

Final Theory: Why Craig Wright is Fighting Paul Le Roux who is the “Real” Satoshi Nakamoto

With the document 187contents in the public domain, all indications are pointing at Le Roux as the “real” Nakamoto. The only thing Wright has in his possession could be the encrypted hard drives which contain the key to the 1milliob BTC stashed away by Le Roux.

Wright is suspected to be buying time to crack the code and Le Roux is the hidden face in Document 187. The information in the document could mean that Wright worked for Le Roux and he used the information to send in behind bars in 2012.

The partnership between Wright and the late Kleiman, according to an anonymous Redditor, is that the two stole Le Roux’s hard drives with the key to the $1million BTC.  With Kleiman gone, Wright is stuck with the complex TrueCrypt, developed by Le Roux and over the years, Faketoshi has been to crack the drives so that he can prove to the world that he is the real Satoshi.

Behind the scenes, Calvin Ayre, a close friend to Wright has been trying to crack the disks in his computer warehouse which passes for a Bitcoin mining farm.

According to the conspiracy theory, Wright is banking on Ayre to crack the encrypted code to access the hidden $11billion worth of BTC to sell them in the market as legit coins. This could also explain why the Wright is claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto and is not a tech savvy programmer.

Back to the courts and the screen shot below is part of Wrights’ evidence to prove that he is in possession of the real Kleiman TrueCrypt files that hold the key to the stashed away BTC:

The truth of the matter is that the files that Wright claims to have do not belong to Kleiman but Le Roux; after all the dead do not tell tales. To narrow down these speculations, there is a connection between Le Roux and Satoshi Nakamoto.

Leads Connecting Le Roux and Satoshi Nakamoto

Shifting focus from the relationship between Wright and L Roux there are close connections between Le Roux and the creator of Bitcoin.

1. A close look at one of the passports that belong to the criminal mastermind, it is true that Paul Le Roux is Solotshi Calder Le Roux. The later name sounds like Satoshi. Source

2. Apart from Le Roux’s criminal background, he is also known to be an astute programmer who, like Satoshi s savvy with C++. He appears to be obsessed with privacy and cryptography, attributes that Satoshi Nakamoto is known for.

As noted earlier, Le Roux started working on the E4M (Encryption for Masses) software project in 1997. The goal of mass adoption is what later came to be the Bitcoin dream. According to his Wikipedia page, the ideas expressed are similar to those of Satoshi.

“In the ‘Politics’ section of the E4M website, Le Roux published a kind of manifesto stating that governments are increasingly relying on electronic data gathering. Citing projects such as Echelon, linked to the five nation states which would become known as the ‘Five Eyes’ more than a decade later, he stated that encryption is the only way to preserve civil liberties.”

He goes on to explain:

“Strong Encryption is the mechanism with which to combat these intrusions, preserve your rights, and guarantee your freedoms into the information age and beyond.”

3. It is believed that Le Roux is the creator of TrueCrypt, the encrypted software that is used by Satoshi Nakamoto to store his 1million BTC. The coins are suspected to be securely stashed away through the secure but voluminous TrueCrypt software that rides on the E4M coding.

It is possible to mention that the person who hid the wallet containing the BTC must the creator or worked with the team that developed TrueCrypt and that point to Le Roux.

4. At the time Le Roux changed from software development to move to “other things” in 2011, Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared as well. At the same time, his business was disrupted and changed to cartel boss and his RX Limited, a pharmaceutical business distribution was restricted by the DEA and UG government, a fact supported by his Wikipedia:

“Around 2011 Le Roux began to disappear for long periods of time, with none of his employees knowing his whereabouts. As US authorities were closing in on him, Le Roux took up temporary residence in Rio de Janeiro and planned his move there.”

This coincidence makes the two personalities appear like one.

5. A post that is dated 2002, seven years before Bitcoin was created is suspected to have been authored by Le Roux and could be a vital lead to unmasking the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

More interesting, the IP address of the author of the above post has been traced to the Netherlands where Le Roux once lived.

Additional Proof that Le Roux is Satoshi Nakamoto

The two share authoritative personalities that are expressed in the E4M project and the Bitcoin whitepaper.

Le Roux and Satoshi had knack for gambling online. Le Roux is associated with online gambling escapades which could have made him add a poker client on the original Bitcoin code.

The two are clear on the new for a digital payment platform that will improve the existing systems. Most of Le Roux dealings were online based and such anonymous payment outfit would be ideal for his business success. The same sentiments are expressed by Satoshi in the Bitcoin whitepaper.

The spelling and language both used appear to match and the BTC creator was wealthy and did not want to cash out their BTC before the price hit the moon.

The Final Verdict

With such evidence, the final verdict rests with you. However, it is important to also note that in 2009 when Bitcoin was in its final stage, Le Roux was still the cartel boss and was perfecting is criminal prowess and this could suggest He and Satoshi are different people.

However, Wright reputation in the crypto sphere is not one of the best and his fear of Le Roux could be far-fetched and both could have nothing to do with the Bitcoin creator. The only person who appears to believe in Wright is Calvin Ayre.


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