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Neha Narula has built up quite the enviable reputation as an eloquent expert, speaker, and cryptocurrency evangelist. Her TED talk on ‘The future of money’ has been viewed over 2.2 million times, and she is in constant demand as both digital currency consultant, researcher and speaker.


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Narula began her tertiary education at Dartmouth College, with a B.A. in Computer science and Mathematics from 1999-2003. This lead to Further study at MIT in Cambridge, MA, with an M.S. in Computer Science (2008-2010) immediately followed by a Ph.D. (also MIT and Computer Science) from 2010-2015. Her thesis on ‘Parallel Execution for Conflicting Transactions’ helped pave the way for her career in C.S and cryptocurrency technology.

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Early Career – Professional Experience

Work as a senior software engineer at Google, Inc. (2003-2011) saw Neha; design and develop a Linux security sandbox for untrusted code running in the Native Client framework, design and develop a highly available, distributed storage and serving system for large binary objects, launch Froogle in two new countries – Google’s shopping website, and develop the first system integration test bed for the ads backend system.

After Google came as a Data Scientist, as a member of the five-person engineering team which launched in six weeks, designing a system that analyzed shared content on Twitter and Facebook to generate signals based on trending, new and breaking news.

Research Experience

A research assistant position in PDOS included Doppel. Pequod, Dixie, and FLow projects – developing computer-based systems to improve performance workloads, simplify program cache objects and inter-query parallel speedup for SQL query planners.


Despite the multitude of Narula’s impressive achievements, she didn’t hit ‘mainstream’ attention until her TED talk discussing ‘The future of money’ in May 2016. In this talk Neha broaches the subjects of what happens to our current financial system if we removed the banks and currency exchange bureaus, replacing them with such cryptocurrency systems as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

By combining her wealth of distributed systems and Computer Science knowledge, Narula brings a rare depth of clarity and understanding to the nascent cryptocurrency ecosystem. As a result, she has been listed as ‘WIRED’s list of 25 leaders shaping the next 25 years of technology’ as well as ‘Fortune’s Ledger 40 under 40’. The future certainly looks bright for this currency futurist.

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