Linda Xie: Blockchain Extraordinaire


Early Career

Details on Linda Xie’s early career are few and far between. Positions as portfolio risk analysis at AIG Insurance, as well as gaining a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of California, San Diego, are most of the of the available details. Experience at the University of California and AIG insurance clearly paid off; resulting in a once-in-a-lifetime job offer from Coinbase.


Xie’s blockchain and cryptocurrency career really took off when she secured a prestigious job at Coinbase. Initially working with regulators and law enforcement to ensure complete compliance for listed digital assets, Xie went on to become project manager; focusing on internal tool development. The quality of her work and contribution to Coinbase’s development is highly regarded amongst fellow professionals. The digital exchange company, co-owned by Brian Armstrong, has secured a market valuation of over $1 billion dollars, officially gaining ‘Unicorn’ status.

The Path Ahead

Xie left Coinbase, and in September 2017 alongside co-founder Jordan Clifford launched Scalar Capital, an investment management company specializing in cryptoassets and diverse tokens. An advisory position at 0x – the recently launched decentralized exchange protocol for Ethereum-based tokens – as well as pro-bono work for GiveCrypto (also started by Armstrong), makes up the rest of her professional portfolio.

The size of Xie’s blog and Twitter following has exponentially increased alongside her industry knowledge and business acumen. As an active presenter and blogger with over 50,000 Twitter followers, and 16,000 on Medium, it’s fair to say that her reach and appeal as a source of reliable knowledge is gratefully recognized by the larger community. Despite a lack of recent blog posts, her articles on ‘Beginner’s guide to cryptoassets’ and ‘Building a Developer Community’ have provided invaluable insights for both budding and seasoned cryptocurrency professionals.

Where her career, and achievements, go next will certainly be an exciting trajectory to watch!