Jelurida’s Lior Yaffe in hands-barred Talk on Broader Blockchain, anti-PoW, Nxt and Ardor


Lior Yaffe the lead-coder at the Ardor Project, in a free-flowing interview to an industry publication, shared his leadership thoughts on Ardor project which is a blockchain platform; Broader Blockchain, Ardor’s platform NXT and more.

Ardor(ARDR) developed on NXT platform is a Blockchain As A Service platform, with characteristic parent-child architecture. Lior Yaffe’s long journey with NXT blockchain and Ardor reveals that multi-chain architecture will soon become default practice.

What is Jelurida all about?

Nxt is the platform which was built to ease the difficulties faced with NXT, and the use of Blockchain Bloat and efforts to overcome customization habits. According to Yaffe, Nxt’s easy proliferation and misuse by projects needed to be curtailed resulting in the formation of Jelurida in 2016.

Yaffe states “ concerns for our community to distinguish between legitimate projects and opportunistic ones so we felt the best way to deal with this was by forming a legal entity and a new type of licensing agreement, the JPL, to protect the software and the security of our users.”

The company eventually became the legal front for developers in the blockchain space to crowdfund many projects and also explore development plans in the long run.

How did Ardor come about?

Yaffe states that the challenges thrown at them by NXT led to their next runaway project – Ardor – “a new architecture would be required in order to enhance the single chain design. Child chains are the unique Ardor solution.”

Explaining the technical principles behind the dApps, Yaffe said, “ child chains,” which inherit their security from the parent chain. This is all part of the same product. On the contrary, side chain solutions, such as the ones often discussed in the context of Bitcoin, are a workaround.”

What is Ignis

Yaffe states that Ignis is the ‘core’ child chain for Ardor and functionality is provided by Nxt. “Unlike other child chains, it is entirely public and permissionless – so anyone can create an account and build a decentralized application. While Jelurida does release new features for the Ignis child chain regularly, the company does not have any control over who uses and builds on Ignis.”

However, it has not been very successful in terms of adoption.

But Ignis or otherwise, Ardor has been successful in running several projects in the market currently. – AEUR is one such business product which combines fully operational EURO which is pegged to a token and is a fiat gateway. BITS is a group blockchain veteran for development of dApps.