Crypto Success Stories: Nyla Rodgers – Mama Hope

Here at Newconomy, we love a good cryptocurrency success story. They embody the transformative nature of this paradigmatic shift in technology, representing the potential for a better life and global future. Today we’re going to be taking a look at Nyla Rodgers; crypto freelancer and CEO/founder of Mama Hope.

Recent Biography

Nyla describes herself as ‘an activist, futurist, and non-profit leader with a passion for merging social impact with technology’. In 2015 she was a finalist for the Global Citizen of the Year Award, and in 2017 was honored for her work as a Female Leader in Eileen Fisher’s Fall campaign “Power: In the Words of Women” as well as featuring in Forbes article: ‘The Business of Hope: What It Takes and How One Woman Inspired it

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Mama Hope

Not content with the way global society had failed to adequately support and enable entire disenfranchised communities, and following the sudden posthumous revelations of her mother’s incredible support of Kenyan families; Rodgers decided to partner with local organizations and investors to help create sustainable prosperity, building everything from schools to women’s microfinance programs. In her mother’s memory, Nyla formally organized Mama Hope in 2008.

Mama Hope rapidly grew in both scope and application, with the driven founder continually meeting young women who wanted to make an impact in their local communities but were unsure of how to do so. As a result, the Advocate Fellowship was conceived to share knowledge and experience with emerging female social entrepreneurs and partner them with communities where they can truly make an impact.

All of the organization’s projects are aimed at cultivating 100% sustainability, relating to 1 of 10 sectors, including; Women & Girls, Water & Sanitation, Healthcare, Food Security and Green Energy. The ultimate aim is to stimulate local economies, generating sustainable incomes and empowering entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency.

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Cryptocurrency Values

With the advent of mainstream cryptocurrency adoption, Mama Hope and Nyla Rodgers quickly identified that the cross-border and cost-saving, peer-to-peer characteristics of cryptocurrency technology really aligned with their core values. As a result of accepting charitable donations in the form of cryptocurrency, famous Bitcoin hodlers such as Jonathan King were among the first to contribute in such a way.

This launched their ‘Crypto for a Cause’ campaign, demonstrating how Bitcoin can impact the lives of millions of people around the world, and how organizations like theirs can benefit from this incredible innovation. Using cryptocurrencies to support causes and entrepreneur programs like Mama Hope increases the direct impact of each donation, and removes barriers to financial access.


Incredibly, both Nyla and Mama Hope have helped over 180,000 people, in 8 countries across the world. The increased use of cryptocurrencies can only help to further these amazing causes and contribute to a fairer, more supportive world.

If you wish to donate to Mama Hope with Bitcoin, you can do so here.