Axel Tillmann joined Crypterium from NOVILIT to storm American shores

Axel Tillmann
Axel Tillmann

Axel Tillmannfounder of NOVILIT Incjoined Crypterium to storm the shores of America, starting with Silicon Valley, ground zero for disruptive innovators, according to an announcement on their website.

Axel Tillmann has been an entrepreneur and consultant for nearly three decades, having directed numerous startups to and through successful exits and has been a consultant to hundreds of firms from the tech sector, a contributor to Pitch Globally, Pitchforce, Global Technology Symposium, and the co-organizer of the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Even if the USA still lives in the banking stone age, it’s still an enormous market—one of the largest in the world. In 2016, Americans spent $5.98 trillion using bank cards alone. Some of the biggest global financial corporate brands, VCs, banks, hedge funds, exchanges, and crypto companies are based in the United States.

Crypterium aims to disrupt the entire world with its cryptobank. Until now, the USA’s been a holdout. Even though more than a third of Crypterium token holders are based in the US, our banking system is so last century, so analog and retro. Without technologies like IBAN and with SWIFT being very much secondary to routing numbers, the United States of America is a very hard sell.  That’s why Crypterium tapped former Visa GM Steven Parker as their new CEO.

The end game, as always, is to create a simple-to-use, simple to access, mobile-and-app-optimized, a way for Crypterium customers to move their money from Crypto to Fiat and Back without delays or fees. That’s always been the goal of CCO and co-founder, Vladimir Gorbunov: to make it as easy to spend cryptocurrency as it is to spend cash.