Andreas M. Antonopoulos On A Talking Spree This Summer


London-born Greek cryptographer Andreas M. Antonopoulos is on an ‘event’ spree this summer. His latest tweets highlight his hectic schedule up until April 2019. Nearly a demi-god as far as cryptopunks are concerned, Andreas has over the years become a public speaker and educator in the cryptography industry, connecting the older generation and the younger generation with digital payment systems which are encrypted.

A story of struggles

Andreas, as he is popularly known among cypherpunks has been one of the biggest influencers in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the current years. Using his innate talent in connecting with an audience he lectures, conducts workshops and is lead celebrity in talk shows to spread the goodness of blockchain, cryptography and deregulated currencies.

His life-story began in an environment of politically-charged childhood. In a dictator-led Greek economy, he witnessed the misuse of fiat-money by those in power and felt the repercussions of fascism and extreme political views.

Soon after arriving in London for his higher education, the young Andreas early career was in “information security and being self-employed; discovering Bitcoin via Slashdot, binge reading code and research was found himself surrounded by cryptographers, coders, developers, mathematicians of the highest order,” quoting from an interview at a Spanish bitcoin event.

He became influenced by one of the greatest technologist Phil Zimmerman, John Perry Barlow in 1992 were his biggest inspiration. He’s spent his time and began to understand the decentralized ledger technology and in the space of computer science and cryptographers.

His biggest take away from this environment was the “Realization of how Bitcoin consensus worked.” He became the greatest advocate for this fascinating technology.

Teaching blockchain

And thus began the journey into educational activities such as talks. In his latest tweet, “Yes I’m going to Seoul, April 4th” he confirms his participation in South Korean events. His other engagements include “Giving a talk in Buenos Aires next week!”

In explaining his sudden switch to the uncertainty of cryptocurrencies, Andreas says he started by first firing clients he had at his information technology business “to focus on Bitcoin; a first public speaking appearance at a Bitcoin conference in 2013; meeting the best programmers in the world and choosing a specialty. Experience in educating people about open blockchains; translating into foreign languages; the importance of Spanish language content.”

Now, one of biggest educators, he calls his book, ‘Mastering Bitcoin.’  He admits he welcomes the opportunity to guide, inspire and build a following for cryptographers. As he says, “Bitcoin as the sixth epiphany; deciding to become an educator. Growing up in Greece with dictatorship and monetary crises, and early days of the internet and fascination with cryptography; university studies in distributed systems, meeting the “giants” of computer science and the cypherpunk movement.” 

Image source: Andreas M. Antonopoulos website.