Airsave CEO: IEO Is a Much Safer Way to Raise Funds For a Project

Airsave CEO: IEO Is a Much Safer Way to Raise Funds For a Project


The IEO field welcomes new projects every week. This Wednesday the EXMARKETS launchpad hosted the IEO of AirsaveCoin blockchain platform that is aiming to revolutionize the way people save for travel. We could not miss the opportunity to ask the founder and CEO of Airsave  Sarah Dales a few questions on the event.

You project is claiming to revolutionize the traveling industry. Please tell us how your project is making travellers earn more?

“Airsave Travel is designed for users to share the app with friends so they earn recurring virtual credits (Airsave Miles) to spend on travel. The more friends users save with, the more they earn each month. Each person is assigned a unique referral code which is stored in a secure backend admin panel, where the Airsave Travel team can cross check who has earned virtual credits and real crypto. By covering a small fixed monthly investment of their travel savings balance, they can release their referral earnings”

You launched a centralized version of the app in 2017, but now you are planning to release the decentralised app. Is that correct? Why the decentralization is meant to become the key element for your project?

“Correct, we launched the centralized version of the app (which is currently available on the Apple App Store). The main reasons for decentralizing the model is that blockchain technology can provide a trustworthy exchange, without the intermediation of a third party. Ultimately this gives users more control of their own information and transactions, including a reduction in transaction costs. Due to the limited supply of Airsave Travel Coin (ASTC), and its capacity to be consumed and exchanged on our platform, it is far more likely the value of ASTC will increase, as opposed to saving and earning in fiat.”

What is the user base already? How is it growing?

“When we launched the app back in 2017 we had an influx of several thousand downloads, primarily in Asia. Since then, the team and I have worked on decentralizing the model for almost two years, the main aim has been to raise money to focus on the decentralized product and spreading the news about it, rather than acquiring users for the older centralized version. The bounty campaign we have been running for the last year has helped significantly with regards to the marketing side, and the free tokens they have earned can be used to save and earn for travel within the DApp once it is built.”

Why have you chosen an IEO as a mechanism to attract funds? Why have you chosen ExMarkets exchange?

“An IEO is a much safer way to raise funds for a project as the exchange facilitates the transactions between the startup and investors – because you can only buy the tokens from the exchange, investors can be sure that the smart contract hasn’t been compromised. Trust is very important in this space if you want to sell your tokens quickly and reputably. Investors always want to be to certain of liquidity, so an IEO is great for that because that token gets an immediate listing on that exchange after the sale is complete. I chose ExMarkets Launchpad as they are reputable; I like the people who run the exchange, and they also provide quite a bit of marketing for projects they take on.”

You have worked at Goldman Sachs, Barclays Wealth and HSBC and have several successful business projects. What inspires you most?

“I worked for several banks including Goldman Sachs and Barclays Wealth, covering AML, Securities, Hedge Funds, Investment Products, Trading Floors and Audit. It’s certainly useful to have a good understanding of these banking divisions when you enter the world of blockchain. I believe anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it – so I taught myself about blockchain and built the product and team from scratch. I am inspired by emerging technology so I enjoy researching, creative thinking and learning from others.”

There aren’t many women in blockchain industry. Do you think it may change in the nearest future?

“I think there are less women in blockchain as it doesn’t interest many of them, I guess it’s the same reason as why you probably won’t find many men at a sewing class! However, it’s great to see that more women are learning about it and joining in. I definitely think more people, in general, will get involved in blockchain technology, particularly if they are interested in finding out how it can benefit a business model and make it more lucrative.”

What is the best way for a potential investor to reach the team?

“For investment queries investors can contact admin via Telegram: via email: [email protected]

Our team would like to thank Sarah Dales for sharing his thoughts with us and her contribution to blockchain community! Stay tuned to learn the most relevant IEO news.