Zeta and Spindle Are Revolutionizing Crypto Hedge Funds Market


There are approximately 1,500 crypto hedge funds worldwide, that provide investors with an opportunity to invest the digital assets. Despite the bear market, the numbers keep growing.

As the number of crypto-related hedge funds increases, the market of softwares and applications to support the crypto hedge funds hots up as well.

softwareend, the Japan-based Black Star Capital is developing a platform called Zeta, to enable access to the crypto hedge fund market for potential investors.

The overarching aim is to democratize the entire investment process.

The platform is designed in a “one-stop shop” manner to optimize the entire process and break barriers which have kept potential investors away in the past.

“We believe that economic activities in society should be principally free. To create autonomous human beings, Zeta aims to establish a transparent and fair platform that will enable more people to enjoy a rich life through investment/asset management,” says hedge fund veteran and CEO of Black Star Capital – Masamitsu Hirai.

The opportunities that Zeta intends to offer to wider masses are currently limited to hedge fund associates only. Its ultimate goal is to serve as a bridge between individual and institutional investors.

The platform will also help investors select the hedge fund with a database containing key information and graphs for each fund.

“There are some websites with information about funds, but there are no user-friendly sites that are doing this. We’d like to position Zeta as a gateway for investing in the crypto hedge fund world.”

“Blockchain technology could make financial markets fair, and that’s why we’ve raised funds via Spindle. To enrich the lives of ordinary people who aren’t professional institutional investors, we need a system that isn’t dominated by traditional banks and central banks. That’s what we’re building with Spindle and Zeta,” adds Hirai.

Spindle (SPD) is a cryptocurrency launched by Black Star Capital, which also serves as an asset management platform. Zeta will now be used as an enabler for investors to put money into hedge funds, through the SPD currency.

Besides the SPD, Zeta will also allow Bitcoin, Ethereum and some other digital coins.