Wirex Integrates Nano: “Instantly convert and spend With Low Fees”


Wirex, the UK-Based digital payment platform, has integrated Nano. Nano is a cryptocurrency that supporters claim is faster, leaner and settles almost instantaneously. As a Bitcoin rival, it is designed for speed and most importantly efficiency. Therefore, the addition is something new and welcomed by Nano supporters. The inclusion of Nano means users who wish not to transact via Bitcoin’s “heavy and information-laden” blocks can do so via Wirex experiencing what they want.

In a statement, Wirex said:

“we’re so pleased to introduce the latest coin to the Wirex family, Nano (NANO). It joins Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP, Ether, WAVES, Wollo and DAI as the latest cryptocurrency that Wirex users in the EEA can buy, store, convert and spend, quickly and simply.”

Pavel Matveev, the CEO of Wirex was also delighted saying his company supporting Nano aligns with its mission statement:

“We are delighted to add Nano to our platform and empower its community to spend their money their way. It aligns with our mission to give our customers access to and control of their money, whenever and wherever they want, without any restriction or compromise”

Benefits of Nano

There are many benefits that Wirex users will get to enjoy. Aside from the company striving towards increasing their offerings, there are specific benefits that Nano integration tags alone.

Created back in 2014 by Colin LeMahieu as Rai Blocks, the team at Nano is dedicated to advance the benefits of the coin. As we mentioned above, Nano resolves the original blunders of Bitcoin—talk of energy efficiency and transaction fees. The network uses less energy and instead of the power-hungry ASICs in use by other networks, Nano uses a different consensus algorithm—the delegated proof of stake allowing Nano holders to vote for their preferred representatives.

Because of widespread adoption over the last decade, Nano resolves all these problems by eliminating transaction fees not only making it ideal for online transactions but for active traders bugged down by heavy fees. Besides, Nano is infinitely scalable and since it is fast, users enjoy instant transactions meaning it is suitable for micro-payments.

Wirex picked up these features saying:

“Speed of transaction is a feature prized by the Nano community. As such, integration onto the Wirex Visa platform is an exciting next step in the coin’s journey, creating the fastest decentralized bridge between cryptocurrency and real-world spending.”

More about Wirex

With Wirex, an FCA regulated platform, listing Nano, we expect demand for Nano to increase. And it is easy to see why. The UK-based platform has more than 2 million customers spread across 130 countries and was the first company allowing crypto spending at point of sale supporting Visa cards. Their objective is to connect traditional payment systems with emerging, digital platforms, their customers can buy Nano using their credit and debit cards while enjoying low fees.