White Company Partners With Mastercard: Issues Crypto Debit Card

Official news just in, The White Company, creator of the WhiteWallet and other cryptocurrency services, has announced an official partnership with Mastercard with the launch of their debit card.



Wallet and debit cardholders will be able to spend their cryptocurrencies worldwide, at any merchant. Supported currencies include: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Stellar and White Standard stablecoins, is USD, GBP and EUR cards launching in 2019. Physical and virtual cards will be available, with integration with ApplePay and Android Pay. Rewards points (REM) will also be awarded for all purchases.

Stellar Future

The White Company exclusively leverages the Stellar network in order to facilitate all blockchain transactions, including the issuance of their own Stablecoins. Advantages include incredibly low processing fees, 3-5 second ledger confirmation times, and built-in compliance. Founded by Elizabeth White (CEO) in June 2017, the company was started to provide the opportunity for clients who hold wealth in cryptocurrencies to purchase luxury goods without giving up their desire for privacy and anonymity. To launch a fully-functioning cryptocurrency debit card in 18 months is certainly no mean feat.


Despite the turbulent cryptocurrency markets, there is a real sense of fervent building behind the scenes, preparing the groundwork for the next stage of digital currency adoption. In utilizing an efficient and scalable blockchain such as Stellar, the White Company and other cryptocurrency startups have demonstrated the ability to quickly disrupt current market incumbents, and absorb potentially significant market share.

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