What can you buy with cryptocurrency?


You can buy anything with cryptocurrency in 2018, just not wherever or however you want. You can already buy a Bugatti with bitcoin—you just can’t get it just anywhere. You’ll need to call Post Oak Motor Cars in Houston and they’ll throw a Chiron (only 753.29 bitcoin) onto a truck straight to your door. There are already lots of things you can already buy with crypto.

2019 promises to be the year when crypto gets mass adoption. It’s also the year when many crypto projects will mature into the kinds of apps and services that will make it easier than ever for regular Joes and Jennys to adopt crypto as part of their investment portfolio, of course, but also their daily essentials and also their big expenses. One of the barriers to mass adoption.

And if you really don’t want to deal with sourcing each individual purchase with every vendor, asking them if they’ll accept bitcoin—or any cryptocurrency—then you can always buy as much stuff as you can from Overstock, which has accepted bitcoin since January 9, 2014—almost four years in a couple week; otherwise, there’s Newegg and even services that sell gift cards and you can even get Amazon gift cards from eGifter.

The first major hump towards mass adoption is buying your first cryptocoins, your very first fraction of a bitcoin (who can afford full bitcoins anymore?). Lots of new services are popping up that make it even easier and simpler than onboarding with Coinbase, Binance, or Kraken—all of these exchanges that are popular with early crypto adopters are still a lot.

New exchanges like Instachange make buying your first bitcoin, tether, ethereum, or litecoin as easy as choosing the crypto type, specify the amount, pay with a 3D-secure card, get your crypto instantly.

Because Instachange is part of the Crypterium family, it will be easy to spend that crypto simply at POS (point of sale) as easy as buying a morning coffee; and, as the Crypterium family grows, Instachange will become a bigger part of the revolution that is the mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

Soon, very soon, you will be able to spend your Satoshis (worth 0.00000001 bitcoin) like you would your pocket change or with your Starbucks card. It won’t be very long before crypto wallets will replace Paypal, Venmo, Dwolla, Payoneer, or even Visa and Mastercard for daily transactions—and even rent and tuition payments.