Well-Respected U.S. Hospital Testing Out Blockchain


There are many who have pointed out that blockchain technology could help to revolutionize healthcare. This is particularly significant for the United States, where healthcare has recently been revealed as the number one issue for voters (according to polls) in the recent midterm elections. It appears as though a top U.S. hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), will be partnering with Korean blockchain startup Medibloc in order to use blockchain technology to share patient data more securely and efficiently.

Medibloc is a blockchain startup that Forbes has claimed is one of the top cryptocurrency-related startups of 2019 and aims to “reinvent the healthcare experience”. Medibloc’s founder and CEO stated on why the startup is so relevant:

“Every day, when people go to hospitals, lots of information is created, but it’s difficult to transfer from one hospital to another.”

While many have discussed how blockchain technology can be applied to the healthcare sector – actual high-profile partnerships have not been formed. This particular partnership is significant because of MGH’s stature. Specifically, the hospital is considered one of the best in the country, recently ranking #4 on U.S. News and World Report’s annual survey.

Dr. Eunsol Lee and Dr. Allen Koh

The founders of Medibloc – Dr. Ensoul Lee and Dr. Allen Koh, are doctors themselves, which has allowed them to create relationships with hospitals that otherwise might not have existed. The startup has already managed to make strategic partnerships in Asia, such as teaming up with Deloitte’s Korean branch.