Waves Allocated $2 Million for the Development of Its Own Gaming Ecosystem


The blockchain startup Waves has launched a motivational initiative for video game developers. As part of the program, the company created a fund in the amount of 1 million WAVES tokens ($1.9 million).

“This initiative was launched to showcase the versatility of Waves technology and stimulate its adoption in such an important industry as gaming. I believe that the gaming sector will be an enthusiastic adopter of blockchain, and will drive its widespread use. Given the mutual opportunity here, we are more than ready to reward developers for the effort they make in implementing their projects within Waves ecosystem,” said Sasha Ivanov, Waves Founder and CEO.

The Waves program represents an ecosystem for game development, which includes:

  • Software Development Kit (SDK) to simplify the integration process;
  • The possibility of creating your own platform for trading and sharing game elements;
  • Special browser extension and mobile wallet to facilitate interaction with the blockchain.

The Waves team will provide game developers with the tools and technical support for integrating blockchain solutions from the startup. The best projects will get a chance to invest up to $2 million in Waves. The amount of investment will depend on the level of the project.

According to the press release, the Waves network speed reaches 1000 Tps, and the commission for payment is half a cent of the US dollar.

Recently, the Waves developers have implemented smart contracts on the platform. In addition, for the in-game economy of the blockchain site, the team is working on the creation of non-fungible tokens.

Note that on October 21, the Waves blockchain processed 6.100.000 transactions. According to representatives of the startup, this exceeds the daily rates of other public blockchains.

Previously the developers of the Waves blockchain platform have announced the release of Waves Keeper, a browser extension that allows them to securely sign transactions without having to enter a private key or password.

It is noted that account information is encrypted and stored locally on the user’s computer. This information is not available outside the extension and cannot be stolen. You can also add several wallets to the extension and easily switch between them. If the user has forgotten the password for the account, one can restore it using a key phrase.

Waves platform developers are constantly working on new ideas and they already have many final products. The idea of Waves interference in the gaming world will end with a big profit.