Understanding Blockchain Technologies & Markets | Stream Summary


Today marked the first ‘Understanding Blockchain Technologies & Markets’ live stream for the Newconference, run by NEWconomy Media in partnership with The University of Blockchain and ICO, sponsored by ASTRA – Astra International mining pool. The conference will be broadcasted, worldwide, from our website on December 10-13.

The video starts at 19:00:



Our three speakers included Jack Huang, UBAI Advisor – The University of Blockchain and Investing (UBAI), Kristina Semenova, Investor Relations – MicroMoney International, and Darya Volkova, Head of Legal Department – Platinum Listing. All three panelists combined their respective expertise to answer questions on:

1) What are the issues with blockchain technology that you see now/at present?

2) What do you think about/of ICOs today? Can investors still see a return on their investment?

3) How do you see The future of blockchain?

Jack Huang

Jack began by drawing comparisons of the development of blockchain with the birth of the internet; with its unexpected development, evolution and resulting business models. He importantly made the distinction between promising blockchain technology and token issuance, two subjects which are often conflated. Community management and ecosystem development are much more relevant to the latter, with blockchain tech offering potentially more promise.


Kristina Semenova

Kristina highlighted the pitfalls of scam projects and ICOs, with 700 tokens already worthless. As a result, investors and people have begun to question whether blockchain and cryptocurrencies are existing within a financial/hype bubble. However, the promise associated with drastically lowered business costs, amongst other advantages, outweighs the potentially negative connotations. News of a major French supermarket mega-chain, Carrefour, adopting blockchain tech with IBM shows this very potential.

Dasha Volkova

Lastly, Dasha Volkova took us through the legal implications and safeguards necessary to launch and maintain a compliant ICO. Different jurisdictions, for example, will create specific legal frameworks to adhere to. It is up to the ICO company and investors to identify these regulations and make sure they are being complied with. Darya gave further key advice with how to gain and keep the trust of potential investors, including; publishing and meeting a public roadmap, all KYC/AML compliance measures,


This was an exciting and informative live stream, with great contributions from all panelists. For more great articles and insights, make sure to note the details of our upcoming New Economy Online Conference.