Ukrainian Tram Displays ‘Surprise’ “Bitcoin to the Moon” Slogan

Ukrainian Tram Displays ‘Surprise’ “Bitcoin to the Moon” Slogan


Bitcoin just got a boost after a ‘surprise ‘slogan, “Bitcoin to the Moon” appeared on a city of Vinnitsa tram in Ukraine. The photos appear to have gone viral thanks to the power of social media. The craze saw the Ukraine Central bank announce the e-hryvnia, a digital currency project which the citizenry had anticipated for some time.

At the time of reporting, it is not clear who is standing behind the slogan. According to the photo made available through Facebook, the “Bitcoin to the Moon” inscription appeared first on the Vin Way tram. However, the visibility move is set to increase BTC interest in Ukraine.

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Mixed Bitcoin Popularity in Ukraine

The company behind the tram; Vinnista Transport; has no known vested interest in Bitcoin. However, this is a new tram type which is 32-meter long and comes with WiFi connectivity to boot. The Photo appears to have been taken on February, 24 and was first posted on the social media platform by Roman Petrov, an online stock trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

Bitcoin has not been riding well in Ukraine after the municipal government of Ukrainian capital city banned the local Bitcoin Embassy just a week ago. The “Bitcoin to the Moon” slogan could be a message is the disguise for the authorities that Bitcoin is still popular locally.

Kuna, a high profile crypto exchange in Ukraine has been a popular firm among the local community for a while. The embassy, which was established in 2014 has been creating crypto awareness and appears to be a big Kuna exchange supporter.

The scraping of the Bitcoin Embassy is illegal according to the project supporters. The ban was done without a court order by the Kyiv City authorities and is seen as retrogressive and infringing on a property right. This could have prompted the slogan on the main transport system in the country.

Ukraine Soft Spot for Crypto

With all these happenings in Ukraine, the local central bank is experimenting on crypto. The pilot project, through the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), seeks ways to transform the current local currency, hryvnia to an electronic version riding on the blockchain technology.

While making the announcement, the head of Ukrainian Central Bank payment system and innovation sector, Alexander Yablunivskiy, said that he sent a new financial tool to NBU late last year to test its applicability and he is yet to get feedback from the real end user”

“The pilot is now complete. We have prepared an analytical paper that will be reviewed at a meeting of the National Bank’s board,”

However, he goes on to caution users against the thought that the e-hryvnia project is a “crypto concept.”  However, NBU is expected to publish a finer report of its analysis on the ground to the central bank.

“We are not talking about cryptocurrency; we are talking about the digital currency of the Central Bank. It can be based on either centralized or decentralized ledger,”