Two Emerging DEX’s you Should Know About


Last week we published our ‘Top 3 Mainstream Decentralized Exchanges’ article, exploring the current established DEX options for crypto consumers. Today we’re going to take a look at the options surrounding emerging decentralized exchanges and whether they offer any advantages over their more mature counterparts.

Playmarket 2.0 Exchange

Playmarket 2.0 Exchange recently launched their take on an Ethereum-based DEX, as part of a wider decentralized Android app store, ICO developer platform and crypto exchange which allows for the acceptance of payments in cryptocurrency. The main goals and objectives of the DAO PlayMarket 2.0 is to create a sustainable economic model for developers, investors and users, and introduce a unified standard for tokenizing mobile applications

The claimed advantages of the Playmarket ecosystem and exchange reputedly include: android applications to issue their own crypto-tokens on the platform; open, decentralized API; as well as the payment of in-app purchases in cryptocurrency.

As an Ethereum-based DEX, the exchange offers all of the security and transactional power associated with the entire Ethereum network and ERC20 interoperability. Whilst the trading platform has yet to procure substantial trading pairs (only PMT/ETH and CDLT/ETH are currently available) the proposed ecosystem and user interface certainly holds promise. It would well be worth keeping an eye on the development of this particular Ethereum DEX alongside Ethereum’s much-awaited ‘Constantinople’ update.


DEXEOS is the ‘world’s first EOS-based Decentralised Exchange’, launched on 1st August, 2018. With over 50 proprietary token trading pairs, DEXEOS offers EOS cryptocurrency aficionados fantastic access to the blockchain’s ecosystem. Moreover, as part of the wider ecosystem, voting, staking exchange and funding APIs are all being developed and deployed in the near future.

People will recall that not too long ago Ethereum rocketed to prominence as the go-to choice for ICOs during the 2017 bull-run. By offering tools for the development on the EOS ecosystem—as well as liquidity access—DEXEOS provides potentially lucrative options for anyone interested in developing a product or service.

User interface and usability are both straightforward and accessible. Whilst sufficient total liquidity to facilitate deep orderbooks is currently lacking—unlike Playmarket 2.0—further ecosystem development and support should change this in the near future. Another one to watch!