Tron (TRX) Began On A High Note

In a day of mixed rallies on Wednesday, Tron (TRX) set a scorching pace of growth logging nearly 24% higher reaching a benchmark value of $0.032. However, today as there was a dip in the bitcoin prices the whole market has shown a downtrend. TRON (TRX) price is 12.61% down for the day as of now but still up 23.83% for the week.

Reasons for the unprecedented growth until yesterday was attributed to $TRX team. The developer team has from its initial days of launch to now followed strategic methods and ways to catch the attention of varied investor group. The group has been focused on gaining interest in the project by creating diverse opportunities for conversation on different media.

Kicking off interest in these digital assets was Tron Summit – NITRON – which features around key speaker Kobe Bryant in San Francisco later this week.

The event is space over two days and if the marketing campaign by the team is anywhere as previous scenarios, there should be a lot of noise and media hype.

At the same time, the developers are also treading even ground by working on the backend of the crypto assets. It has sought to appoint an ex-SEC attorney to provide guidance as a counsel for TRON. This move is regarded by the industry as a publicity move to at once dispel mistrust by the investors and at the same time gain the confidence of regulators. This move has been well thought out strategy as it ensures that the current wave of mistrust due to cryptocurrency scams is resolved.

Some detractors also claim that the Tron Project is focused on endless marketing and taking on an aggressive stance to lure and to assuage investor interest. Tron is also mimicking other coin’s strategies such as the Ripple Swell Conference in order to gain maximum traction before public adoption.

Investing in Tron

Given the latest rush forward in Tron prices it may well mark the beginning of a short rally running up to the conference of January 17th. Observers feel that investors may hold short positions and also indulge in typical investment strategies as rumor-based sell and news events based investments.

TRON’s conference will be powered by BasketBall legend Kobe Bryant, who will be a special guest in terms of life experience to inspire entrepreneurs. He was invited by Justin Sun, the creator of the Tron network. Tron has typically engaged with social media influencers and celebrities in order to catch the attention of investors from a cross-section of industries.

The tactic is to raise popularity in the crypto community as well. Other celebrities who have canvassed for cryptocurrency include Akon, who launched his own Token.