TRON Game Hits 2 Million Transaction Volume as Tron (TRX) Discovers New Style

Tron (TRX) appears to be starting the New Year on a positive mode. Outperforming other coins in the market in the first weeks of January is a clear indication of its ambition to dominate the gaming industry. The ecosystem has been in the positive news and this explains why TRX has maintained its position among the top ten valuable coins by MCAP.

Things have been looking sharp for Tron since the launch of the project’s MainNet. Gaming goers appear to have discovered the hidden gem behind the platform and 2019 could be the best year for the gaming inclined network. Dominance in the gaming dApp could be in the offing and the community has all the reasons to smile.

Tron Games Hits 2 Million Transaction Volume

With many altcoins in the market, real coins are being gauged by what they have on offer for their users. Tron has been very clear on this; to offer a practical solution to the gaming dApps. So far, the platform is leading in the gaming dApps and if Justin Sun’s tweet is anything to write home about, Tron is a giant in the making:

“The transaction volume of TRON GAME exceeded 2M $TRX, and the mining has been started at January 7, 2019, 21:00 (Sydney time), Divs will start once TGAME mined at every 1M, there should be 300M $TRX at that moment.”

The Tron visibility drive seems to be bearing fruits and this could translate in additional adoption, price surge, and value traction. The positivity around the Tron project has also enticed BitTorrent to develop its own coin to ride on the TRX ecosystem. The two outfits have a huge following and this is anticipated to spur the platform usage and the coin “spent”.

New Face on the Tron Network

Tron (TRX) is preparing to reposition itself as the market leader in the gaming niche. The network has brought in a new face to its team. David Labhart, the former SEC member is now the head of compliance division at Tron. This automatically gives Tron an upper hand in matters compliance.

Labhart will be very instrumental in articulating SEC’s agenda on compliance which included and not limited to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money laundering (AML). This is a huge boost for a platform that is focused on online gaming.

Tron hit the headlines a few days ago after Forbes featured the coin among the best four cryptos in the market today. This is a major boost for Justin Sun and his team. This is set to increase the demand for TRX as Sun goes on to had that the platform is headed for a partnership with Oracle and Swisscom.

However, Tron (TRX) price has been battered in the last 24 hours with losses of 8.77% to the green buck to trade at $0.023726 a price that is lower than the recent high of $0.3 in August last year. With the current realignment, increased visibility and a unique gaming route to the market, Tron might not be an easy outfit to stop.