Trading Platforms For Professionals Comes Of Age With ProBit


ProBit is a freshly minted exchange for cryptocurrency that is expected to fill the current gap in services for professional traders in a maximized secured marketplace run on turbo trade engines. The twin goals are – global scale and fiat-to-local exchange on a super fast trading engine.

Reasons for ProBit

The idea of two crypto veterans – ProBit – is the intuitive professional platform for the global trader. Espousing world-class features it already has a steady community following, months before its official launch. The focus of the exchange and its special feature is the Coin-to-Coin exchange.

This feature is a practical solution for the trading platform which will eventually begin to support local fiats conversion across the world. The idea behind local conversions is in line with the different regulatory needs of the nations where cryptocurrencies are supported. In order to build compliance with regional fintech regulatory needs, ProBit will first establish its fiat-only services in these markets before it begins to support is non-fiat services and products for local and regional market areas.

Customization is the hallmark

As the number of crypto exchanges in world increase by the day newer, younger exchanges have to offer features that are advanced, more in line with the needs of mature crypto markets.

The biggest draw for ProBit is its trading engine speed at flat 1.500,000 per second for a match, across 150 different cryptocurrencies which operate across the world.

Security is the highlight of the platform with FIDO U2F security in line with 2FA. But the differentiator is that the storage facility is offline and supports storage of nearly 95% of the assets at any given time.

Tokens which the exchange supports is the PROB native token which will be floated at 10% of the 200,000,000 PROB. Built on the ERC-20 tech platform PROBs are utility tokens which are routine in their features and offering and will eventually become the ideal method for payment of trading fees, listing fees as well as conferring rights to owners.

Holders of these tokens will also be allowed to refer bonus as additional features, have voting rights, have early access to freshly launched features and discounted trading fees. The tokens will be sold by campaign and ownership is established by Standard and Premium memberships. PROB tokens will enable platform development as well as trade mining. The newly mined tokens will be a reward shared with the trader.