Top 5 Women in Blockchain


It’s fitting that the next financial and democratic revolution, with its aims to democratize and create fair economic inclusion, will be built equally by both women and men. Below are 5 of the top women currently shaping the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

1. Elizabeth Stark

Co-founder and CEO of Lightning Labs, Elizabeth Stark is leading a team building a programmable, financial layer for the internet through scalable, fast blockchain transactions. The lightning network has long been referred to as Bitcoin’s saving grace – addressing the scaling issues currently plaguing the cryptocurrency. Stark also acts as a fellow at Coin Center, a leading digital currency and policy organization, and an advisor for, a startup creating autonomous driving technology. Incredibly, Stark also found time to play an integral role in defeating the SOPA/PIPA amendments as part of the Internet freedom efforts, uniting over 18 million people world wide.

2.Kavita Gupta

Kavita Gupta is the founding managing partner at ConsenSys, heading the VC-hedge fund with investments in next-generation blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. Prior to ConsenSys saw Gupta running a $250M fund in collaboration with the UNs SDGs capital technology investment initiative. As if that wasn’t enough, Gupta also founded and headed the World Bank’s first innovation fund in 2010, as well as being on the board of advisors for foundations like Google’s accelerator social track, Mandela Foundation, MIT Solve and more. In 2015 the UN awarded her the UN social finance innovator award for being an integral part of the founding ‘green bond team’ at The World Bank.

3. Elizabeth McCauley

Handles Global Business Development for Coinsecure, One of India’s leading exchanges, and business development at Bridge21. McCauley serves on the Board for both the Bitcoin Foundation and Code to Inspire. Previous jobs include Bitcoin Magazine, BitPay and currently serves as US Member of Congress.

4. Amber Baldet

Served as executive direction and blockchain program lead at J.P. Morgan Chase, where she headed the team developing Quorum, a much-lauded and anticipated open-source corporate blockchain project based on Ethereum. Now Cofounder and CEO of Clovyr, a hybrid blockchain network ecosystem providing access for building ‘better networks’. When not breaking preconceived business molds and heading blockchain projects, Baldet attends hacker and blockchain conferences as both speaker and panelist.

5. Preethi Kasireddy

Founder and CEO of TruStory, Preethi Kasireddy is an eminent blockchain engineer with previous positions at Goldman Sachs, Andreessen Horowitz and Coinbase. Her articles and posts on all things blockchain are widely read, and act as an important voice for the ecosystem. TruStory, currently a stealth-mode startup based in Los Angeles, looks to provide a platform for users to research and validate online claims, whether blogs posts, white papers, websites or more. The company’s aim is to ‘bring authenticity back into the digital and decentralized world’ – a potentially invaluable tool to fight against ICO scams and more.


Our list of the top 5 women in blockchain is by no means exhaustive. With such an abundance of skilled business women and founders to pick from, the blockchain and cryptocurrency space are certainly not lacking in people possessing passion, commitment and the vision to execute what the space needs to succeed.