Top 5 Node Candidates in the IOST Elections



The IOST blockchain has marked the release of its voting portal and the official launch of the IOST global Partnership Program by holding the first election for Node Candidates. The IOST Global Partner Program is hailed as a major innovative step in decentralized community development and governance.

All participants in the election are incentivised to participate through the potential of rewards – encouraging everyone to become contributors, defenders, and stakeholders of the IOST ecosystem. Excitingly, over 2.5 million IOST has already been distributed as bonuses for the current node candidate participants. Read on to find out about the top 5.

1.  has secured over 132 million votes (16.60%). They are operating as an exchange located in the Cayman Islands. Hailed as the ‘world’s first token-to-token and token-to-stock CFD trading platform’, BISS currently supports both cryptocurrency and stock trades.

2. IOST World

IOST World offers a community collective from South Korea. With 124 million votes (15.60%) it comes second to BISS and is also elected. This collective is aiming to become ‘the most influential node in the world’, and their parent company 100 & 100 Venture Capital boasts serious industry experience. Previous investment projects have included; Wanchain, Gifto, Zilliqa, Cindicator, Airbloc, Phantasma, Nucleus Vision, Contents Box, and others.

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3. SSSminex

With over 91 million votes (11.4%) – SSSminex’s is tendering a joint-venture partnership between SSSnodes and Minex.HK, and is based in China. As an elected node, SSSminex is aiming to combine major resources and community outreach programs, launching them in ShenZhen and Hong Kong, all while promoting the IOST ecosystem development.

4. AlphaCoin Fund

AlphaCoin Fund is our second node candidate located in the Cayman Islands, with over 56 million votes (7.03%) and an elected status. This crypto fund is offering its investors exposure to blockchain startups and crypto-asset investments. With team members harking from Binance and Citibank, they have successfully divested over $60 million of funding in 2017. Their fund has built supernodes for Huobi Pro, CyberMiles and bgogo, and are looking to significantly expand their services and expertise into the IOST ecosystem.

5. Float Capital

Float Capital has so far secured 55 million votes (6.9%) and elected status, and is the first crypto fund on the list. They have so far been involved with early and private funding of the IOST blockchain. Float Capital is looking to expand their influential investment portfolio and ecosystem contributions through the launch of this node.

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‘Hundreds of awesome candidates have joined the #IOST partner campaign. We here welcome developers or anyone who wants to contribute to join us! Zero tech barrier & all you need is 2.1M IOST votes – while we reward your voters heavily already! Join today: Zhong

So there you have it, the current top node candidates for the IOST election. As the 3rd best performing token of Q4 2018, and with increasing social media support, it will be fascinating to see the positive effects of this blockchain’s drive to increase community and democratic inclusion.