Top-5 Newconomy Articles of the Week of the New Year from January 4th through 11th 2019


Welcome back to most of you who have returned to work after finally recovering from all the mid-Winter holidays! And welcome to all our new furloughed American readers who are looking for an alternate way to pay the bills instead of a Federal paycheck while the US Government is still closed for business. Welcome to 800,000 of you! We’ll help you get involved in crypto and get you through this. Happy Friday to all of you and don’t forget, we continue publishing all weekend long.  I also added a bonus article at the bottom just in case you missed it.

1) STOs Are Replacing ICOs in Russia As Well
STOs Are Replacing ICOs in Russia As Well

As Security Token Offerings (STO) are replacing Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) worldwide, Russia is riding the trend as well. Recently, Newconomy published a series of articles about the emerging STOs and why they are the next big thing. Today, Forbes published a piece about Russian developers and investors leaving the ICOs market and hopping up on the STOs train. The STO move is another attempt to professionalize and regulate the crypto industry which has taken serious hits in 2018 Put simply, STOs are trying to connect the traditional stock market with the emerging crypto industry and venture capital. Read More…

2) Ethereum Dominance will Likely Fall in 2019, Here’s Why
Ethereum Dominance will Likely Fall in 2019, Here’s Why

In reality, Ethereum is still the dominant smart contract and dApp platform. After launching in 2015, it has attracted developers from all around the globe and where there are developers, expect traction in that there will be products that may end up disrupting status quo. Indeed, in the ICO frenzy of late 2017 and early 2018, many projects promised heaven, but with regulators intervening, the chilling effect that came over these projects froze development. As a result, the demand for ETH tapered, and the end game was a crypto winter—which is nothing compared to the AI winter between 1987 and 2009. Anyhow, part of ETH decline from dominance has been solely because of the current modus operandi. It is open source, and before implementation of any EIP, there must be a consensus. Read More…

3) 2019 Does Not Look Like A Good Year For Mining
2019 Does Not Look Like A Good Year For Mining

A Japanese crypto mining business, owned by eCommerce giant is in the midst of exiting the business given the lack of profits at current low prices of decentralized currencies. The mining farm was set up to become one of the top-10 such mining agencies in the world, in early 2018. However, in a matter of 9 months, the decision to wind up operations in this sector by the online retailer was made. Mining equipment owned by it is now being sold to recoup losses incurred in recent months. DMM mining farm began operations in February 2018, after the decision to start such a venture was made public in September 2017. The mining facility was set up at Ishikawa Prefecture capital city, Kanazawa. Cryptocurrency mining no longer appears to be the golden opportunity it was back in the first half of 2018, given the number of home-based miners and mining-farms announcing their exit in recent months. Read More…

4) India to Finally Legalize Cryptos Under Stringent Regulations
India to Finally Legalize Cryptos Under Stringent Regulations

For crypto investors in India, it is nearly party time. Leading news media group, Indian Express, reports that the Government appointed panel may final recommend legalization of cryptocurrencies, although monitoring and regulation of decentralized assets would be highly stringent. Sources which Indian Express did not name, have confirmed that the parliamentary panel has held two intermittent meetings on the legal status that has to be accorded to virtual currencies in the Indian context. Read More…

5) Bitcoin Headed for a Big Boost from Chinese Demand
Bitcoin Headed for a Big Boost from Chinese Demand

Bitcoin (BTC) might be struggling in the market from the growing competition from Altcoins but there is still hope that the coin will soon beat the $4,000 resistance hurdle. BTC has terribly missed the price support it anticipated in 2018 but a sparkle is in the horizon courtesy of Chinese demand. Expectations were high last year that a push from institutional investors would make the cryptoverse a better place to stake on, but that was a mirage. Investors have been eager to cash in on the institutional push due to Bitcoin adoption but their aspirations are still on hold. Read More…

Bonus: Is It Really Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday?
Is It Really Bitcoin's 10th Birthday?

Two months ago we celebrated Bitcoin’s 10th birthday. Today, we are celebrating the same occasion again. Why? On the January 03rd of 2009, the first block of bitcoins (Genesis Block) was mined. Approximately two months earlier, on the October 31st, Satoshi Nakamoto published a piece titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”. For this reason, the community is somewhat divided on when is the exact birthday of world’s biggest digital coin. For instance, some media outlets have published the anniversary articles on both dates. While there is a debate about which day has more meaning for the Bitcoin community, we suggest to take the conciliatory approach and mark both occasions. Below, you can read our original October 31st article marking the anniversary of the publication of Nakamoto’s article. The Bitcoin price has obviously changed a bit since October. Read More…