Top 5 ICOs To Watch


ICOs have unfairly attracted a bad reputation after the exuberance and abundance of 2017 fundraising. It seemed a day didn’t go by without another project attempting to raise vast sums of money on little more than a 30-page white paper. 2018 and the resulting bear market has dramatically changed this perception. Projects had to get serious, produce real, tangible results and value propositions, and harness the potentially revolutionary power of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to its full potential. Listed below are just 5 examples of such positive value propositions – with professional teams building useful, needed and potentially transformative products.

1. Bolt (BOLT)

Powered by Zilliqa, Bolt is designed to host a completely new generation of decentralized services within emerging markets. The BOLT token derives its value from utility use on the platform, which includes; BOLT services, advertising inventory, premium content (such as a world cup) and microdata bundles. An established partnership with Zilliqa and a $12M hardcap, 3 year vesting period for team tokens bodes well for BOLT’s tokenomics. Total token supply is 1bn tokens.

2. CoinAnalyst (COY)

Dubbed the ‘Bloomberg’ of cryptocurrencies, CoinAnaylst provides an essential platform for intelligent data search and analysis for all cryptocurrency projects. Users are given access to automated information that is combined with trader/ client opinions and risk profiles. The demand for data harvesting of crypto-assets is growing at an exponential rate. COY, therefore, will derive any increase in value as the native utility token on a network in demand.

3. Dominium (DOM)

Primarily a decentralized platform to facilitate all things property/real estate, from financing, bonds, REIT’s, loan notes, funding, all the way to rental and sales. Utilising third generation blockchain technology built on Ardor, the team are aiming to become the go-to property portal and is already translated into 15 languages. Despite the large hard cap ($107million), the team will burn any unsold tokens, mitigating undue inflation. A promising project and use-case.

4. FlipNpik (FNP)

A collaborative Social Media blockchain ecosystem for local businesses. Collaborators receive a distribution of tokens. The aim of the platform is to support local economies and businesses, promoting their products and services. Built on Stellar’s platform, the ICO will benefit from the networks fast settlement times (3-5 seconds) and open-source technology. 575m FNP tokens will be issued in total and will be used as a method of value transfer within the ecosystem.

5. Konios (KON)

In short; cash to crypto on a decentralized P2P network. Includes a marketplace to exchange both locally and worldwide, with headquarters in Zug, Switzerland. KON serves as an access point for all using the platform – without it, users are not able to engage or interact in the P2P marketplace. The Kon token, therefore, derives its value from the total utility of the exchange and user adoption. Reassuring regulatory oversight and a professional team. A much needed, accessible service.


Due diligence should always accompany investing in ICOs, and the projects listed here does not constitute as investment advice.