Top 5 Biggest Cryptocurrency Losers Today: 01/10/19


Up down, up down. It’s enough to make you seasick. Bear, bull, the bottom, protracted downturn. You name it, it’s been covered. With Bitcoin taking another plunge, here are the Top 5 biggest cryptocurrency losers today.

5. Nexo

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‘Only’ down -18.86% in the last 24 hours, Nexo is having a positively good day by some standards. After an ATH of half a dollar, prices have only dropped to $0.068 per NEXO. Currently ranked in the top 100 coins by marketcap and with a total circulation of 1 billion tokens, only time will tell if and when it will regain its previous highs.

4. Revain

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Just behind Nexo, and enjoying the balmy weather of double-digit price losses, Revain has managed to only shed -19.07% of its value in the last 24 hours. At position 47 out of 100 per marketcap, Revain still has a lot to gain (and lose) with potential value if it can maintain a top 50 position and gain market traction.


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We’re splitting hairs now, as Repo is again just behind Revain, at -19.17% losses during the last 24 hours. 64 out of 100 as per market cap brings it outside of the attention that existing within the top 50 brings. Hover, this is offset by its recent strong performance, increasing over 100% its value in under a month. Digital-asset fingers are crossed that this coin can continue its strong performance.


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-21.39% isn’t so bad? Well, sadly it is when compared to our last 3 coins and today’s market performance in general. A middling rank 60, as well as slow decay from the heady heights of $0.09,  pose potentially worrying problems for this coin.

1. Pundi X

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Down -22.18% so far in the last 24 hours (and probably still falling), Pundi X has cratered from its June ATH of $0.01 all the way down to $0.0004 per NPXS. This may be a direct result of the extended malaise taking over the speculatory crypto markets, with utility tokens with little real-world usage largely being shunned by speculators hunting for something with more intrinsic value.