Tired of the Entangled Document Flow with Numerous Freelancers? Try This New Online Service

Tired of the Entangled Document Flow with Numerous Freelancers? Try This New Online Service


Many companies nowadays frequently use outsource freelance workers for executing different tasks. However, it is not always possible nor comfortable to sign a contract of services. It may be even harder to legally process a large number of contracts in a short period of time.

A new startup Solar Staff addresses that issue with a new online service, developed specifically for entrepreneurs who deal with freelance workers on a regular basis, such as IT and e-commerce firms, or publishing houses and agencies. The company offers a way to automatize document flow and payments to distributed teams and freelancers. The corporate representative says that these problematic issues can be easily resolved.

Essentially, Solar Staff performs as the general contractor in settlements with individuals. The service automatizes signing and delivery of closing documents, as well as transferring payment to a contractor’s banking card of Visa or MasterCard standard. As many freelancers perform creative tasks, Solar Saff has also built up a mechanism of transferring of author’s rights  “in one click”.

Using Solar Staff, any company may utilize its service online to automatize the document workflow. First, a customer sets up a task, describing in details what needs to be done. The project can also customize the cost of work and note if the copyright’s transfer is required. Then, he inputs the legal information about a performer.

After the application completed, it is sent to the freelancer’s email, who becomes the Solar Staff’s subcontractor by accepting a public offer. Upon completing a job, Solar Staff automatically generates closing documents in accordance with the data specified by a customer and sends it to him by mail.

Thus, the Solar Staff eliminates the need to sign a new contract every time – a customer just should fill out the form.

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