The Release of the Operating System Braiins Wolfram With the Support of AsicBoost Technology


Czech-based software solutions developer Braiins Systems, which is the operator of the first mining pool in history – Slush Pool, presented a version of Braiins OS Wolfram (bOS) with support for AsicBoost optimization algorithm for owners of Antminer S9 devices.

bOS Standardizes how devices work and interact with the Slush Pool, and gives users complete control over their miners.

In the Wolfram version, the bit stream of the programmable gate array of the new software from Bitmain is involved, however, the developers expect that, once the source code of the software solution will be fully made public. Braiins also solved the problem of software compatibility with the BIP310.

Earlier, Slush Pool Urged Miners to Postpone the Software Update on Antminer S9, since it was incompatible with the pool.

Now the users are already installing the new firmware and its working just fine.

One user asked is the S9 tar archive from compatible with the “flash new firmware image” functionality in the S9 web portal? And the answer was as follows:

“Sorry, it is not possible right now, but thank you for an improvement suggestion.”

Should we expect them to fix this in 2-3 days since they fixed the Antminer S9, BIP310 software compatibility problem in five days?