The New Innovative Cooling System Allows to Increase the Profitability Of Crypto Mining


Even most modern mining chips generate a lot of heat during the operation and may malfunction or even burn out if a heat waste is not removed properly. That is why various cooling systems for computer processors and graphic cards (GPU) are being developed and applied, with the fan being the most common solution.

Still, fans require maintenance and collect dust from the environment, which impacts negatively on circuit performance. Air cooling is considered to be outdated as more innovative ways of cooling appear on the stage. One of them is immersive cooling technology that the Combox company develops.

Immersive cooling is not a novice, but the technology needed to be upgraded to become a practical and popular solution, until recently. Combox, founded in 2017, managed to develop a specific circuit with a mounted computing module of MXM form factor. This board is immersed in a “Novec 3M” fluoroorganic-based liquid.

The liquid is gradually heated and after reaching a certain temperature it starts to boil. Steam removes a lot of excess heat. Such a way of cooling allows to achieve an incredibly high density of computing equipment and significantly reduce the cost of cooling it.

Another solution explored by Combox is “heat pipes”, intended to fulfill the same function of cooling, along with the more common circulating fluid systems.

Each element of operation efficiency affects the profitability of cryptocurrency mining. As air cooling equals additional expenditures for electricity, replacing this part with a more efficient solution is a much more preferable option for mining entrepreneurs. That’s why Combox already offers custom mining farms with an immersive cooling system.

But besides the crypto market, immersive cooling may serve well in other industries, requiring much computing power to run. Because immersive cooling allows to significantly increase hardware performance, the company targets at applying its solutions for the neural networks, machine learning, high-tech computing, and more specific areas like face recognition using photo and video cameras.

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