The Most Hyped Cryptocurrency Projects In 2018


Certain cryptocurrency projects gain traction early in their developmental timeline. Hype is important as it can give a coin much-needed wind in the sails. As a matter of fact, the success of an ICO is all about a project’s reputation or in more endearing terms; hype. Still, the output in an ICO is not necessarily indicative of how a coin’s long-term future prospects.

The following projects caught the crypto world buzzing this year:


This is significantly a versatile blockchain platform that is a product of the, the publishing company.  The smart contract platform offers excellent user experience, speed, and much-needed scalability. Moreover, the POS network has low transaction fees.

The underlying technology means that the new cryptocurrency is superior to most under coins. The EOS project caused waves with the high capitalization even before the initial offering. This project did raise a staggering $4 billion which is a significant portion of the monies raised in the total ICO haul for 2018. The throughput of 1,000-6,000 TPS is staggering and rounds up EOS’ position as the top project of the year.


Notably, Japanese company QUOINE released this ERC-20 coin this year to a wonderful reception in cryptosphere. This project has the potential to become the leading financial services provider for large institutions in the blockchain arena. The coin can become one of the ten largest platforms by 2020.


This project actually has origins is 2017 but came to head this year. This project is all about protecting the original content creators. CHN utilizes steganographic technology to credit the original content creators of an image or a video. This project was one of the most anticipated releases and despite hiccups in management faces a decent future.


The need for security and veracity is quite apparent in the blockchain age.  Ontology is actually a fork of the NEO coin and this quickly became an anticipated development. In a nutshell, ontology verifies personality information before uploading on the blockchain.  Accordingly, you can deploy this tool in industries like insurance or banking that call for user information that is accurate. This platform caused fuss upon listing on Binance in April and merits a place in this list.


Elixr facilitates money lending and crowdfunding. Notably, the platform uses Proof of Time algorithm to facilitate efficient crowdfunding for its users. Elixr had a solid opening and saw it become one of the better launches this year.


These projects get their due billing as notable projects. In a year that saw turmoil in the cryptocurrency markets, these are some of the projects that brought much-needed enthusiasm. The future will certainly to be interesting.