The Market Challenge and Voting is in Progress, You Can Be a Winner!

The Market Challenge and Voting Are in Progress, You Can Be a Winner!


Our decentralized, global and online voting is on and we are super-excited that the process has been smooth despite some few attempts of vote manipulation. Ahead of the defining and leaders churning Market Challenge where 50 blockchain companies are battling for the top-3 spot, we are thankful for those are joining us from all over the globe.

Well, with three days of wisdom from 20 experts and 100 prizes set aside for attendees, our forum is action-packed and all-round useful. It has been designed for entrepreneurs, specialist, and ordinary investors. The forum has been designed with you, the attendee in mind and no one has been left behind. Investors will learn about time-tested models that make each and every of these top 50 companies successful.

For voters, well, they have a chance to express what they think is the best of these 50 companies. The aim of each and every company is to have a place in the top-3 while voters wish to place correct bets on winners of any of their preferred category. Remember, on Mar 26, the winning company under every category—and we have five of them–blockchain platform; financial services provider; best AI service; best-performing crypto mining service, top VR-service–will be announced by our panel. At the same time, a member of our global community who guessed the winning company will be announced and rewarded—it will be pretty exciting to watch this—fingers crossed!

Therefore, in the name of transparency, fairness, and openness, our conditions stipulate that any company that tries to manufacture votes to in any way influence results will be banned from participating. Unfortunately, considering what’s on stage for winning companies and the global platform Newconomy Media offers, two companies claiming to front blockchain principles were detected by our system in collaboration with Neironix of faking votes against our rules and their ratings will be updated and fake volumes will be removed. Our systems are up-to-date and we are actively tracking voting in a bid to ensure that only real volumes capturing the wishes of our global community are heard.  Any unorthodox attempt to pump, manufacturer or spam and disrupt voting from any participating project will not be tolerated – we advocate for fairness in the true spirit of decentralization.

All the same, voting is open and major online forum of top-blockchain experts is opening tomorrow! Watch it online, cast your vote, and follow the voting in progress to find out who is the leader or become one of them!