TESTA company has launched its three main products in decentralized finance market called EARTH, SPACE, and UNIVERSE:

EARTH is the yield farming allowing users to farm and get TESTA. The farmers will earn the profitable dividend here

SPACE  is a farming and liquidity adding system using leverage with Ethereum. Users can lend ETH and earn high interest APY, borrow ETH, and farm to get higher farming APY on leveraged position which users will earn TESTA as a reward.

UNIVERSE  is a network chart built from SPACE with the goal to apply this multi-tier referral system to DeFi-projects.

TESTA connects DAO Consensus Business Network with DeFi space. One of its main products is Testamex exchange, which is a hybrid exchange connecting CeFi and DeFi – centralised and decentralized finance elements. TESTA is a community token build for stakers to earn the profitable airdrops from DAO Consensus network.

Read Gitbook: https://testaorbit.gitbook.io/testa-orbit/
Testa Blog: https://www.blog-testaorbitfinance.info

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