Taking Bitcoin To Mainstream Businesses: Syscoin As Bridge Between Two cChains


What Apps are to mobile technology, dApps are to blockchain and these are two driving the adoption and the use of the distributed network features for the simplest to the most complex activities. One such research and development effort on blockchain has been Syscoin Platform.

“Syscoin” says, SidhuJag(@realSidhuJag), the co-founder of the blockchain “is something the whole industry has been waiting to solve; it acts like a bridge between 2 chains” which leverage features symbiotically.  Sidhu who is also CTO @BlockFoundry has in his latest interview on Syscoin’s latest version update – 4.0 called the platform as the missing link in the blockchain to multiply by many times blockchain working with another blockchain.

Syscoin is Faster, Speedier Avatar

Syscoin’s evolutionary growth in version 4.0 is largely focused on ‘back-end infrastructure.’ This has enabled business owners to build out opportunities for creation of Tokens, decentralized applications (dApps) and providing a much needed secure and scalable blockchain platform.

Syscoin Foundation, a not-for-profit venture will lead Syscoin’s development and shall seek out community member, partnerships to build Syscoin’s core protocol.

In a series of tweets over January and first week of February, Syscoin’s fast-paced move to version 4.0, has been emphatic “Introducing the fresh new look and direction of #Syscoin Platform! New Brand! New Logo! New Website (http://syscoin.org )! New @syscoin Foundation!

#Syscoin‘s speed now rivals the biggest credit card networks, providing transaction speeds ready for real-world use. #ZDAG technology: @Syscoin‘s solution to the #Blockchain #scalability problem”

The latest version is vastly improved over previous and by providing powerful tools, and comprehensive access for full-fledged development.

“Day #1 of #BlockchainExpo is over and we are excited for another great day connecting with #Blockchain industry leaders and enthusiasts. #Syscoin Co-Founder @BlockchainDan spoke at a keynote panel and we’ve had many great discussions with great people. Looking forward to Day #2!”

Bridge between two chains

As industry participants tweeted, Syscoin with its powerful computing is offering an all new, interesting and efficient way to offer a range of blockchain products and services. On Syscoin’s secure and agile network, there is ease and safety in creating tokens as well as decentralized apps or Dapps for the various applications. This allows businesses to become scalable, more secured blockchain platform for all. The value which syscoin will provide is in connected two different blockchains so as to co-act and enormously increase efficiency and security.