Switzerland Based, Crypto Valley Association, Changing Leadership


One of the most well-known organizations with regards to cryptocurrency in Switzerland is the Crypto Valley Association (CVA). However, it appears as though there will be a dramatic shuffle in the organization, considering that half of the association’s members will be stepping down in January of next year.

There have apparently been concerns about the organization’s governance. Specifically, there has been concern about the CVA’s priorities between social impact and commercial opportunities. There are over 1,000 members in the association, and its purpose is ultimately to promote blockchain technology worldwide.

However, four of the main members of the board will be stepping down. The president, Oliver Bussman, announced that he would not be seeking re-election next year. In addition, Vasiliy, Suvorov (vice president), Rene Hussler (secretary and treasurer), and board member Nicholas Schobinger, stated that they will step down after the next annual general meeting, which will occur in January of next year. Here is Oliver Bussman, the president of CVA, discussing cryptocurrency in general:

Soren Fog, a board member of CVA, expressed concerns about governance in June. He specifically called for more accountability and an “independent audit”. Ironically, he is now the sole member of the board that will remain.