Struggling with Managing Large Mining Farms? Hive OS Is to Help You


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Hive OS is a mining platform which allows for the easy setup and overseeing of all mining processes and activity in an efficient manner. Using Hive, as many as a few thousand different rigs can be effortlessly controlled from one point.

This is a great way to structure and run a mining farm with a large number of participants, keeping each one and the entire farm operating at its most efficient level. With Hive, you can also manage the farm, regardless of its size, from anywhere.

Hive OS features a very easy setup process that lets you download and install the software. When the installation is complete, all connected mining rigs are automatically detected and then added to your management dashboard for easy control, supervision and administration.

These features allow you to be as specific or as broad as you want with your entire pool. Depending on discretion, Hive OS allows administrators to create schedules for workers as preferred. This means that all the different workers and respective rigs can be assigned specific responsibilities to be carried out at pre-determined times.

Another great feature is the Hive OS RX Boost – AmdTweakTool. Using this tool with the AMD RX cards is an effective way to increase your mining hashrate as it can guarantee a boost by as much as 5%.


Hive OS allows a high level of supervision from the main dashboard. Administrators can easily monitor all the rigs and pool configurations and also detect ASIC errors in time to solve them before productivity is affected. The dashboard also allows administrators to keep track of the general farm hashrates, monitor power consumption to help make better decisions regarding cost-effectiveness as it relates to energy, see specific team activity and view online statuses of all connected rigs.

Furthermore, administrators have remote access to the farm from anywhere in the world and this access allows troubleshooting, GPU reboots and also remote installation of updates for all farm participants.


Smart Notifications are also possible. Even if you’re not viewing the dashboard all of the time, you can set specific responsibilities for all members of the team and get notified when these are achieved. Furthermore, everything including individual system performance and temperature status can be set as notifications if you need a notice. Hive OS supports both Telegram and Discord and allows notifications to come through these platforms.

Hiveon ASIC & Hiveon Pool

The Hiveon ASIC is basically a custom mining firmware that generally increases performance and output without increasing power consumption. This game-changing firmware significantly improves efficiency by up to 25% and also allows up to 16.4TH/s for a standard PSU, with this number increasing to 24TH/s with liquid cooling. Furthermore, LEDs notify when there’s failure with any fans or chips and it features auto-tuning with bad ASIC chips to keep output as optimal as possible. At the moment, Hiveon ASIC is available for Antminer S9, S91 and S9j. Other models are however expected to be added soon. Also, an added advantage here is that using Hive OS with all of its features is completely free for Hiveon ASIC users.

The Hiveon Pool is also available for ETH, ETC, XMR. This means that earning power is increased and there is little to no worry about its actual efficiency and power, especially when compared to others.

New coins soon. Stay tuned.

Other Hive OS Benefits

Apart from all its really great features, Hive OS has an amazing reward system for its loyal customers. It offers a 10% bonus as part of its Referral Reward System. Users can claim this simply by sharing referral links online through different social media platforms, online forums and also on blogs.

Furthermore, users also have access to two additional bonuses. Firstly, a three-month deposit to your Hive OS account guarantees an additional 30% bonus. In addition to this, Hive OS also doubles deposits on holidays as a pleasant gift to loyal users.

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