Start Paying Only For What You Use With MESG Micro-Payments


MESG, is an app which focuses on economy development running on the same technology which runs cryptocurrency. According to developers at MESG :

“In fact, new innovations featuring superior monetization avenues which benefit both sellers and consumers could be the start of the transition away from one-size-fits-all subscription plans.”

Much of the issues with payment systems today, especially the alternate formats stall on the subject of micropayment. Therefore, some developers have explored financial tenets which will allow businesses to monetize their strategies via micro-payments.

In many ways this can be referred to Amazon Web Services, turning the expensive cloud services spectrum on its head, by offering subscription rates for the small-sized cloud consumer. The result of such innovation was the driving force of cloud computing industry and the heavy transition to the virtual services over physical data storage and use.


Use of bitcoin and its ilk for micropayments is ideal, however, it is isolated and it is very tough for blockchain to offer natural solutions in real time.

There is a lack of interoperability between tools.

And here is where MESG steps in.

According to the development team,

“MESG is a tool which allows blockchains AND third-party technologies to cooperate with each other through their events. With it, you can connect any company’s API to a cryptocurrency payment, delivering with it the ability to completely transform companies’ monetization strategies”

Cryptocurrencies today are at a similar cross-road now and could well change the pattern or model which most businesses are now exploring in order to drive and adopt with MESG.

The options which can be explored are – paying specifically for the media and tools consumed only, such that only consumption is measured in minutes.

What can MESG do?

The use of these micro-payment strategies and adoption would reduce friction, would return focus and would also open competition. Other aspects include the reduction of complexity of products and lowering human resource costs.

However, the developers of MESG believe, that micropayment is only one of the applications which can be developed. In fact, if the blokes at MESG were to be believed, this is one application which will turn around the current subscription-based monetization plan redundant.

Why MESG is the way forward

The platform is found to be using proof of concept to ensure solutions to promises. The developers state that “This app sends a single email through the service SendGrid in exchange for a payment of 0.000000000001 ETH, equating to a mere fraction of a cent.” Hence, by using this Proof of Concept, Web2 services can be monetized such that API shall provide the Web3 API in the form of a smart contract MESG is the new economy development app.