Slush Pool Urged Miners to Postpone the Software Update on Antminer S9


The oldest mining pool in the history of the cryptocurrency, Slush Pool called the owners of the Antminer S9 mining devices from the manufacturer Bitmain not to upgrade to the latest firmware, which is incompatible with the BIP130 standard and the pool. The organization promised to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Prominent community representatives suggested that the Bitmain release of a software update for miners S9 with an activated AsicBoost optimization algorithm triggered a study by Braiins System’s Slush Pool operator, in which it proved that Antminer S9 devices are compatible with this technology, but the limitations are in the software component.

According to Braiins, the Bitmain bmminer software can theoretically query the pool for a specific version of the bits in the block header via an unknown stratum extension incompatible with the BIP310.

Bitmain is confident that the AsicBoost solution will increase device performance. The company also noted that at first, they did not plan to release software supporting this technology due to possible patent disputes. However, the company’s legal advisers assured management that AsicBoost did not have a specific patent application.

Trader WhalePanda noted that Bitmain is afraid of the transfer of miners to the operating system Braiins OS, which will make Slush Pool the default pool, significantly harming AntPool and positions.

Also, representatives of Bitmain promised to soon release updates for all devices based on the BM1387 chips, including the models Antminer R4, S9i, S9j, T9 and T9+.