SharkPool Mining Pool Declared a War on Bitcoin Forks


Representatives of the little-known mining pool SharkPool stated that they would create empty blocks in the altcoin network, and convert the proceeds from the sale of the mined cryptocurrency into Bitcoin Cash. First of all, the targets of SharkPool will be the Bitcoin forks, in particular, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Private, and Bitcoin Interest.

According to the SharkPool Twitter account, representatives of the pool view any forks of the first cryptocurrency as “fighting against Bitcoin”. That is why they intend to reduce the activity and rate of these altcoins.

Although the pool has declared a war on all altcoins. According to CryptoGlobe, SharkPool is under the control of CashPay Solutions, a company that supports Bitcoin SV, the newly created Bitcoin Cash fork .

According to CashPay Solutions co-founder Ari Kuki, the actions of SharkPool miners are not illegal. He added that Bitcoin forks contradict the consensus created by Satoshi Nakamoto and there should be only one blockchain.

“People need to understand that the ideal cryptocurrency management model is the Nakamoto consensus,” he said.

Perhaps Litecoin will be the first potential target of SharkPool. This is evidenced by the results of a survey of SharkPool subscribers on Twitter.

Note, SharkPool announced its intention to attack the Altcoins in early November, but since then the pool team has not taken any action.

Recall, according to a study by the employees of the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, hard forks threaten the stability of digital currencies.