Send Bitcoin_Tips_on_Twitter_Using_Lighting_Network

How to Send Bitcoin Tips on Twitter Using Lighting Network


It is now possible to send and receive Bitcoin tips through Lighting Network, thanks to Tippin. The process is very easy and anyone can send tips. What’s more, the process is incredibly fast. This is a groundbreaking innovation that does not require you to use your credit

Interestingly, Tippin is a Chrome and Firefox browser extension which makes it easy to tip on Twitter and possible other social networks in the future. All you need is to add a tip button on each tweet that you need to tip on. At the moment, you can only tip using Bitcoin (BTC) which is riding on the Lighting Network.

Tippin Tip & Twitter

With an easy to add tip button, Twitter goers have a chance to experience the convenience and comfort of the blockchain technology. Transactions are inanely instant and the charges are up to the micro level and the transaction fee is negligible.

Crypto users have been baying for the technologies use cases and Tippin has tapped into the Lighting Network. This is a second layer that Bitcoin introduced last year in a bid to make it more salable. Many investors are only interested in crypto platforms that offer them real world solutions and not just store of value.

Lighting Network Simplicity and Effectiveness

Tippin is set to change the Twitter experience and it will user in a new era where social network can be used for tipping. This has changed how social network goers interact and connect with others across the globe. This will also improve on the shared content. The extension capabilities have also demonstrated the hidden internet potential that even the tech-savvy elite has not been able to discover in decades.

Whether you are sharing a tweet, article, video or GIF, you stand a chance to earn from what you create and share on Twitter.  This cuts down on intermediaries and takes care of the already existing structures under the Twitter brand; you do not need to create your own social network.

Tippin is still in the beta stage and more goodies are expected on the platform in the coming days. This is an individual project by Sergio Abril which is already enabling Twitter users to add the new button in tip places.

Receiving Tips on Twitter

In case you are wondering on how the tipping process works, the system is pretty simple; just enable and log into the App using your normal twitter account. Once you enable the tip button, you get a custodial wallet where you manage your BTC tips courtesy of the Lighting Network. What’s more; you can copy paste the Tippin button on your website or blog and enable tipping.

With Tippin, you do not need to create a tipping specific social network with a native token and other economic structure; you can integrate the existing ones and enable the tipping function. This is a single button that opens new doors fake Twitter users to interact and reward those in their networks.