Russian Blockchain Company Opens the Incubator for DApps Developers

Russian Blockchain Company Opens the Incubator for DApps Developers


The Moscow-based blockchain platform dubbed Waves announced the incubator for projects of decentralized applications (DApps). It has underlined that in order to participate in the incubating program, a DApp needs to use the RIDE language of smart contracts, which is a part of the Waves’ suite of developing tools.

All residents will be reportedly funded with 100,000 Waves tokens (about $220,000 at the press time), along with a “long-term” technical and communication support.

According to a statement, Waves will not claim the intellectual property rights for the solutions made by the incubator participants, as it is generally interested in the software infrastructure and an increase in the number of Waves-based applications.

The Waves founder Alexander Ivanov commented on the news:

“For any platform, projects that use it is the main element. Waves is a powerful infrastructure for creating decentralized applications, and we invite both organized teams and individual developers to join our ecosystem. For our part, we will do everything possible for the projects, so that they could develop and grow together with the new market”

It is not the first step to support the developers made by the company. Previously, Waves launched Labs and Grants divisions. It is noted that the company had awarded 24 grants worth 50,000 WAVES tokens in total in the first 3 months after the launch of the program.

The list of awarded projects includes web services, messenger, payment solutions. In contrast with the Grants program, the Incubator will focus exclusively on DApps as the “key element” on a current stage of the platform’s development.

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