Roger Ver: I was probably fooled by Craig Wright

SHARE:’s CEO and one of Bitcoin Cash’s main supporters, Roger Ver, said that self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto and nChain senior researcher Craig Wright had “fooled” him. He made such a statement in circulation on the Youtube channel.

Ver decided to clarify his position on the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork and the conflict between the developers of incompatible Bitcoin ABC clients and Bitcoin SV. He posted a screenshot of the email that Wright allegedly sent him.

“If you want a war… I will do 2 years of no trade. Nothing. In the war, no coin can trade. If you want ABC, you want shitcoins, welcome to bankruptcy. It was nice knowing you. Bitcoin will die before ABC shits on it. I will see BCH trade at 0 for a few years. Will you? Side with ABC, you hate bitcoin, you are my enemy. You have fucking no idea what that means. You will. I AM Satoshi. Have a nice life. You will now discover me when pissed off. And, no. You Could have had proof. Your choice.” the letter said.

Wright, if he really wrote the letter, threatened Ver and Bitcoin Cash with war and the lack of trade between the coins, as well as the fall of the BCH rate to zero marks.

“It seems that it was written by a businessman who is already in his forties?,” Ver asked this rhetorical question.

Nevertheless, CEO stressed that in a situation with Wright, it’s not even about personal conflict or political views, but about the latter’s professional competence.

“It seems strange to me that Wright did not participate in an open technology debate [at the Bitcoin Cash Miners Summit]. Now I think he just can not. Some other events also increase my confidence in this,” Ver added.

Wright himself, in his usual manner, published a tweet in which he compared Bitcoin ABC support with the desire to distribute child pornography or create another Silk Road.

Against the background of the upcoming hard forks, Bitcoin Cash showed a steady growth to levels in the region of $630, however, over the past day it sank by more than 6%.