Quube Exchange Developed a Blockchain Resisitant to the Quantum Computing Attack

by Ekaterina

The Quube Exchange announced the launch of the first blockchain ecosystem, resistant to the “quantum computing attack”.
Quube ecosystem consists of three key elements, adopting quantum cryptography at all stages. They are a crypto trading platform, STO blockchain protocol, IEO launchpad.


The embedded Launchpad Service – a distinctive feature for the successful tokensale and listing on the Quube Exchange, means that any project conducting a tokensale within this frame will have to comply with the securities regulation.

It implies that any IEO made through the Quube platform will be STO at the same time, bringing an even higher level of trust to the crowdfunding market. Every IEO can expect fair institutional engagement from 2000 linked investment funds within Quube IEO Alliance.

The special framework for regulated tokens provides an opportunity for accredited and institutional investors to participate in any IEO. Moreover, Quube is working with the largest banks to set up a fiat/crypto gateway and a fiat payment clearing option.
However, all participants will have to share the principle of quantum resistant cryptography and make a commitment to switch to the Quube network after its release in case their basic protocol is not quantum resistant.

Beta trading test is already opened and supposed to be converted into live pro services in Q3 2019.

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