Payments with XRapid expected on Binance soon: Zhao


Changpeng Zhao is not just the CEO of a crypto exchange, but the single-most powerful influencer of the industry. Nearly every move made by him or Binance is known to have a ripple effecting other exchanges, as noted in latest BitTorrent Token (BTT) offer.

News of Zhao interest in Ripple XRP’s payment solution is trending and has since set-up major expectations.

His latest tweet on Ripple’s powerful payment solution, the xRapid, is making waves with seismic effect.

BinanceDEX Exchange

Apparently, Binance is in discussions for clarification and Binance will offer Binance Chain in terms of BinanceDEX exchange.

In a tweet, he confirmed that,

“We have nothing with them right now, we are working on other projects but we definitely want to partner with them in the future”

Thus far Ripple has been working with Bitso, Bitstamp, Bittrex, and to increase liquidity for xRapid. The role of exchanges is to allow a sender to convert money for XRP. Tokens can be converted to fiat currency recipient.

Ripple’s partner, Cory Johnson has said that partner exchanges have been crucial for the currency to have expanded horizontally and global use. xRapid shall provide business solutions which organizations required by financial institutions for comfort as well as confidence. Payments for ‘smoothly move’ between currencies.

Ripple and Music

Ripple technology has been transient and XRP is also available for a number of applications within the music industry, with the latest startup in Santa Monica. According to Ethan Beard at Ripple’s Xpring –

“We’re excited about blockchain’s potential to solve problems in the entertainment space – from new ways to monetize creative content to innovative fan engagement models that were not previously possible. Xpring is about empowering the best entrepreneurs to apply technologies like the XRP Ledger in new and novel ways, Raised In Space is an extension of that effort, and we couldn’t ask for better partners than Zach, Scooter, and Shara. Forming the company is an important first step, now we’re excited to see how the entrepreneurs they back will build new solutions that can reshape the music industry.”

The industry watches Changpeng Zhao’s every move very closely. Binance’s reach and power to match the needs of end user through fast-paced products and services is now legendary. Zhao’s addition of SWIFT feature has transformed cross-border transactions, nearly side-lining entrenched providers. If and when XRapid is used by Binance, expectations are high that it would become a game-changer in the industry.