Participants of the Upcoming Meetup in Moscow Will Dip-toe Into the Realm of Biohacking


What is biohacking, and what methods can people apply in practice to enhance their work efficiency, health, and lifespan? These topics will be discussed on April 16 during a new meetup by the CSHP business club (in Russian). The event will take place in Moscow City, Federation tower.  

Science moved on quite drastically in terms of increasing lifetime, yet a question of how exactly technologies and pharma products may affect human beings yet to be answered.

The meeting is supported by an “Open Clinic” network of medical centers and investment company Altergate.

Participants will be able to hear experts from the industry and entrepreneurs: head of the Center for Health Development in the “Skolkovo” School of Management Yury Krestinsky;

VP of the non-profit foundation “Science for life extension” Yury Deigin;

co-founder of Genotek company Artem Elmuratov; CEO Open Clinic Philipp Mironovich;

Founder of Altergate fund Evgeny Galiahmetov.

They will address the following issues: what is biohacking, and what advantages and dangers this practice has?

How to explore the area of biohacking?

How medical drugs and methods affect the biological properties of the body?

How to invest in the sphere of genetics and 4P medicine industry?

Registration for the event is mandatory, and available here (in Russian).