New Video Cards From Nvidia May Displace ASIC-equipment From The Mining Industry


Recently, Nvidia has lifted the restriction on the release of reviews of a new series of video cards RTX 20.

The new Nvidia RTX 2070, 2080, and 2080Ti graphics cards have become a subject of serious controversy since the announcement of their release. Despite the impressive characteristics, ray tracing technology, and super-emitting, the performance of new cards in real tests was far from stellar. At the same time, the cost of several hundred dollars exceeds the price tags on the previous models. This thesis is valid only in terms of the game industry, but the newer cards may be very interesting to cryptocurrency miners.

According to preliminary data, the RTX 2080Ti top-up modification will be six times more powerful than previous generation video cards. And the overclocked RTX 2070 will be able to deliver up to 85 MH/s. For comparison: RX Vega 56 Block Chain Drv gives only 36.5 MH/s.

Also, a new line of video cards questioned the profitability of ASIC equipment. Thus, the Bitmain devices for the Ethereum mining range are up to 190 MH/s at a price of $1260 per unit. The RTX 2080Ti will cost $1200, and the youngest RTX 2080 is just $800.

From the point of view of prices, the market returns to normal after an annual increase, so the top-of-the-line RTX 20 series cards can be a very attractive acquisition for the miners. Firstly, new video cards will set a completely new level of hashrate in the segment of GPU-makers, and secondly, over time, the video card can be easily resold to gamers in contrast to the ASIC devices.